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  1. Use onClientPlayerWeaponSwitch... It's a client-side event and it's more efficient.
  2. Just keep a low profile and hold your fire.
  3. Spider Pork

    MTA for GTA IV

    As far as I know, there is a MTA project for GTA:IV:? http://multitheftauto.com/orange/
  4. What do you mean with "it doesn't work"? Show us your code, as Uniqu3 said! Also, did you add the script to meta.xml?
  5. Spider Pork

    Stop Lights?

    Another player for MTA, one less for SA-MP LUA is way easier than PAWN, trust me. It took me only a week or two to learn it and it's actually fun.
  6. Spider Pork

    Funny Peds...

    Don't think so. I guess the server might be running a fighting ped script or something?
  7. So you want to change skin models or what? Then you'd need this and this.
  8. Maybe toggleControl? toggleControl(player, "fire", false)
  9. It should be in MTA Root Directory\server\mods\deathmatch\resources
  10. Yea, but maybe water above the normal water level there? Like some small lakes or something. I guess that's what he meant.
  11. It works. Thanks a lot for your help.
  12. Spider Pork


    Uhm... you forgot the addEventHandler function, trajik But I guess you want it in a command, right? Then it should look something like this: function command_makeStuff(player) local x, y, z = getElementPosition(player) createObject(2993, x, y, z, 120, 0, 0) outputChatBox("Party started", player, 0, 255, 0, true) end addCommandHandler("command", command_makeStuff)
  13. I kinda knew it's because I call the function again. But how else can I find a good skin without calling the function again? If I just leave it, nothing will happen if it doesn't pass the checks.
  14. Hello there! Why is this function... function setPlayerRandomSkin(player) randskin = math.random(288) if(isValidSkin(randskin) == true) then if(isRegimentSkin(randskin) == false) then local account = getPlayerAccount(player) setAccountData(account, "wwacc.skin", randskin) setElementModel(player, getAccountData(account, "wwacc.skin")) return getAccountData(account, "wwacc.skin") else setPlayerRandomSkin(player) end else setPlayerRandomSkin(player) end end ... returning me the "Stack overflow." error? What does it mean anyways?