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  1. Yeah, it was interesting trying to figure out why it wouldn't work - compatibility libraries are good
  2. Come on now, Ali - use some common friggin' sense.
  3. Is Windows 98 even still supported by Microsoft? I know the NT 4 is not and they will not be making a fix for the DCOM/RPC hole in NT.
  4. Snow

    LAN Game

    CS mouse problem in XP will be officially fixed in the next release of CS... however, there are other ways to fix the prob like pass the correct arguments to CS like: -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms
  5. Hi, I have searched for an answer through the forums and only found a couple ppl having this issue but no answers. It seems that if you are behind a NAT and try to connect more than one client, the 2nd client will get an error about a player is already connected using that IP. Is it possible to fix this or is it just a limitation that must be lived with?
  6. Can you not play with more than 1 person connected behind a NAT? I have a netgear "router" and when I try to connect my 2nd PC, it says another player is already connected from this IP Help!!!
  7. Snow


    Why not just sync only the peds near players? Or is that just not doable?
  8. *if* it doesn't get delayed? ...lol...
  9. Snow

    Recent news

    Patience may be a virtue, but doubleposting is a sin
  10. Simply put, your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!
  11. It is truly good to know children of druglords in Columbia will never be hungry...
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