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  1. Indeed. I love the race-modification.
  2. As I gathered. So will the DM release include a new version of race, or is the racemod a thing of the past?
  3. Cheaters do annoy me, but I'd rather play and have to deal with cheaters than not be able to play at all. Does the race mod work on your computer, or do you not have the 'current' (released) version on it?
  4. They are different applications... why would you even post about compatibility with a different modification? He's a dev, I think he knows their similarities and differences very well. You're right! I jumped to a conclusion there and thought he/she was referring to the OTHER DM modification that's out. Well this is good news - because at least I'll be able to play the new DM version when it comes out!
  5. What do you mean? I want to play the racemod!
  6. They are different applications... why would you even post about compatibility with a different modification?
  7. If the map is made correctly, then checkpoints are not a real issue... but perhaps having them numbered on the minimap would be a helpful option?
  8. Email me: robbie@robbiegoacher.com
  9. I use a keyboard for driving/boating, but a joystick for flying.
  10. Yes, I appreciate the time-constraints. I'm not, however, assuming that Vista support is easy. I very much admire the MTA developers for creating such a brilliant program - something that's definitely beyond my abilities! But I do believe that taking a look now is better than leaving it until later. If you take a look now and a fix is found, brilliant... but if no fix can be found, then at least you know the seriousness of the problem and so you can therefore plan the rest of the modification's development around this. Leaving it until later is bad because you'll not only delay Vista-users in
  11. Please don't respond so aggressively to a topic which clearly you know nothing about. As of today, Windows Vista (the 'business' package) has been released for general sale. Granted, the consumer release of Vista isn't going to be until January, however right now there are still thousands of people who have installed the 'final' version due to either academic licencing, free-copies (given to BETA-testers like me) and MSDN subscribers. Ask yourself this: who is actually more likely to be running the MTA modification? Is it people who will go out and buy a Dell computer in January (no, but some
  12. Bump? Does the development team not read these 'problem' forums? I'd be happy to work with the development team to find the cause of the problem. Anyone?
  13. Windows Vista has now been "released to manafacturer" (RTM phase) and I am running it already (I'm a BETA-tester and I got a free full-version copy). I think it's important to get a release out ASAP for Vista, even if it just means making some changes to the CURRENT client. I found it odd that the Grand Theft Auto games work fine... but Multi Theft Auto does not.
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