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  1. TheGlowie

    MTA on Vista

    ...If Vista sucks ,then I remain on XP! So Windows XP it is!
  2. TheGlowie

    MTA on Vista

    Yeah, because I'm thinking to up-grade to Windows Vista too! And I want MTA!!!!
  3. Yeah! I know! Only after 5 minutes after I posted that I saw that the news were posted on April 1st! Then I realised that this was a joke! Something was fishy anyway! But there are people who still think that this is true! LOL! Just look at the comments at the news!
  4. Soooo... I'm confused Do we HAVE to pay for MTA:DM or NOT???? PLEASE TELL ME THAT WE DON"T! have to pay!!! And I don't like that software and Valve or anything... ! It would be great if MTA will be in the downloads page and FREE!!!!! Ok! YES or NO? (YES as in "we have to pay and it will be with Steam" and NO as in "no, we don't have to pay and it will be in the downloads page")
  5. Good video and editing! But this is not MTA....
  6. Cool stunts! Overall its a good video! How many times did you crashed?
  7. Like I said on YouTube, I like crazy maps with crazy players! Nice vid the "ZZ part rocks lol classic :~" <<< Oh, and your avatar is funny!
  8. TheGlowie


    Good... NO, I mean VERY GOOD stunts! Some were amazing! That with the AC Tower left me like this: Nice! Good Job! You have some nice videos on the Screen & Movies forum too!
  9. I've heard that it is possible with the AT-400! OMG!!! I will try the tank thing...
  10. OMG! Thats crazy!... Just think of what could happen if it would be a map full of these Nice!
  11. Nice video... the split screen ideea was great! The music was... hmmm.. good! And... keep up the good work!
  12. Some tunels (narow or large)! And if you want a "Going Down" map then the map should have a fall on a street, like Going Down 1 and then a tunnel! Some planes in the tunel if its large and we will see who's the best!
  13. I know its not relate but... From where did you get that banners? That animated GTA?
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