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  1. Now i have to add another dislike to my previous list, maybe the most important one. Today i played some 1 vs 1 in MTA with some walkng weapon like Deagle, Combat Shotgun and Normal Shotgun and then with some long range weapon like AK-47, Sniper: what i have noticed is that with long range weapons sync is perfect, BUT with the walking and short range ones i have to leadaim much more than *other SA' s multiplayer modification* and there are many sync bugs... i hope you will solve these problems because it would be pointless to play DM-style with MTA having all these problems. PS: ping was abo
  2. I don' t like: - Desert Deagle' s sync - Some weird sync bug - To much bugged people around (no shooting or sliding and shooting) - Lack of good gamemodes - Lack of people - When i am in menu screen i can' t use X-Fire - Some other random bug Apart these things i listed, MTA is perfect in my opinion.
  3. TonynhO

    [NB] NinetyNine-blaZed

    Hello Greyfox our l0v3r. Nice Dr.Vibrator b00b, we were waiting for you. And yeah, UPDATE MEMBERS LIST b00, #nbcave is NOT anymore on GTAnet, we changed IRC server. If you want to know why have a look here: CLICK!
  4. Stealth/Attack-Defend/TDM are the best gamemodes for clanwars in my opinion.
  5. The point is that me, and i think others with my same problem, don' t want to reduce FPS, that would be unfair considering others that ar able to get max-FPS-allowed... something like what Bluemoon said (an option which auto presses forward/backward if you press left or right together with lmb, or smthn like that) would be much more better and appreciated, at least by me.
  6. I would' t like to sacrifice some FPS, BUT second idea sounds cool... let' s wait for some developer' s answer.
  7. Man, you are talking about weapons-skills that were setted on low on dp1 so you couldn' t move with them, in dp2 they are setted on high so you can... I am talking about a GTA:SA bug with new hardware (i think only graphic cards), it' s not related to weapons-skills... it' s related to the amount of FPS.
  8. I talked to jhxp about this problem time ago and he told me that noone reported this problem so i thought it was solved. Well, it isn' t. This is a GTA:SA bug with some video card (i think), i get it in single and i got it on SA:MP too: - when i have Frame Limiter ON (25fps) i am able to move left/right side while aiming - when i have Frame Limiter OFF (i get about 35-60fps) i am not able anymore... to get around this problem i have to press backward/forward before to press left/right MTA has Frame Limiter setted ON but with 47-48fps and this problem is there... Now i am wondering if you
  9. Then i can' t help you puttano.
  10. If i am not wrong that means stats are got from your playing on Official Servers, so... NO Official Servers = NO stats updating Correct me if i am wroong.
  11. TonynhO


    Well, i will use this topic to report bugs too without opening new one. 1 - Often, when i add a server in "Favorites" it doesn' t refresh correctly , it doesn' t show players and sometime 9999 ping 2 - In many servers scoreboards are gone: pings are "0" for all, kills/deaths/scores disappear... 3 - On custom maps there are to much slides 4 - I am bugged (not shooting) to much times in some map 5 - Sometime it happens that your enemy slides around shooting e_e 6 - When i kill someone, the enemy' s skin stands there for some second and sometime it happens that i get killed by this "ghost-s
  12. Ye i have X-Fire and i tried to see what happens closing it, still i get the same problem. Anyway IJs said this problem will be solved in next developer-preview, so let' s just wait.
  13. So, are you going to give me a solution for this problem? ._. Anyway, i don' t know if this can help... i have Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit. Someone told me this is a "vital" information so i said that. Plus this someone told me to explain my problem step by step (even if you can see that from video i posted): 1) Click 2 times on a server 2) After connected that black screen appears and i can' t do anything in there: i can' t see chat, whatever i type is not readed and blah blah blah 3) After some moment i get "Disconnected: connection was lost" error PS: i want to point out again
  14. RavenousMedicine, you are not the only one getting that probem: CLICK !
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