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  1. Ok, what is the amatuer night bullshit? I'm sick and tired of fuckin' waiting around for this, as well as everyone else. When do you guys plan on releasing this damn thing? Are you close, just say it. I could give a rats ass if you guys are faking this shit. It's been fucking a long, LONG time now! Do something to make us happy! RELEASE MTA! We did our part by squirtin' cum all over sa-mps ass, now do us a damn favor in return.
  2. Dude, you have no rightto say anything about the release just as I don't either, we don't know and we won't. We will just have to see for ourselves...
  3. There will already be a ton of pre-made scripts. As a matter of fact, the Team is currently making them now as we speak. That is all were waiting for really...
  4. ^^ Yes, but then people will have to limit the number of servers they attend. Or at least I would because i sure would'nt want all kinds of unknown files. And was a Virus protection ever mentioned? People make viruses and upload them as one of the downloadable files in order to play on thier servers, bam, you have a virus. That does'nt sound good. What I think should be is ONLY certain files can be uploaded no?
  5. No, I would rather give em' a nice boot up the *** right out of the server. Why would you teleport someone 50 miles out in the ocean when they can just leave and ocme back?
  6. I just was'nt awake when I made this post, lmao. Anyways to stay around the topic. Custom cars can be imported where everyone in the server can see them?
  7. I am talking about CUSTOM models. Not just objects taken from the game and placed somewhere else around the map. Although I am wrong at a point there, those wheels are custom made and I have seen that before so my bad.
  8. This would be extremely cool! Even though it probably won't take place because all MTA is doing now is making game modes and then going to release beta. But anyways, I mean where you can make custom objects, ect. And then have them imported right from the file destination to the GTA map builder. Besides going through the hasle of finding the correct path to put in. Get me?
  9. Uh, is'nt that the whole point? Players do somethig wrong to piss admin off so in return they should be ticked off? As fo the topic, I have seen this already with sa-mp in a few servers, players will get teleported to a deserted area. But, all I would do is keep it real, an throw them in jail for however long, this includes any amount of time.
  10. BlackJack69


    MTA should give an estimate time of release(ETR). It's been far way too long and something should be done soon.
  11. I don't even think R* likes the idea of MTA creating multiplayer mods. They will find a way to keep anyone from getting even close to mkaing a multiplayer mod in IV. And if the MTA team does find a way. Just like Twix said in the begining, it will be a JOB!
  12. Oh trust me buddy, it will be Xbox Live enabled with some kind of multiplayer play. However, if it does release for PC, it won't be until 2008 IF it does.
  13. What are you a bunch of idiots? First of all IV does not come out mid-2008 it comes out straight up October 16 2007. I reserved it for my 360. However, I will be disapointed if DM does'nt come out before then.
  14. ^^ How about waiting until MTA DM is released. err.
  15. Ok Talidan thanks. I still don't understand why there was tutorials in the first place if there was'nt any time for them but w/e. Hopefully something soon happens.
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