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  1. wooooow this looks so awsome x) will you be adding a top down perspective view?
  2. Awsome hi Jon Chappell nice to see someone else who understands english. That guy above, and his pubecant punk ass freinds do not seem to understand anything positive, or progressive.
  3. Hey I was thinking since this is a crossover series TC why not make your own city like Star Wars: Vice Eisley. Or something like that. It gives you a little more freedom to ad new stuff. Having alot of popular characters are cool but try and make sure the story has a origonal theme. Do you have a story writer? I would very much like to be involved in this project. I am a 3d modeller, and I would like to join the team in the section of Environment. I'm working on housing district for you guys now. I have a three questions as well. Walkers: Will it be possible to make a walking animatin
  4. Could not find any place else to put this. Is it possible to have an all page view button added. IE: view page, 1,2,3,4, ALL .
  5. Yes this is defiantely a real gift, It is very much apreciated. I can't believe I forgot about the Blue Project. Thank you Team MTA
  6. Hey dumb ass you should use your little brain a little more. I never said who I quoted you just gave yourself away punk. You didn't say it so you nothing but a lying bastard too huh? How didn't I refute your point. Your saying it is not a language, and in fact yes it is. Can you speak in complete descriptive sentances or not? Hell yeah I'm definately here to stir things up, and expose wounds like you in the community. Is that accurate and easy enough you to understand you asshole? Let me reiderate the fact of how much of a dumb ass you are for saying I made up things you didn't say when I did
  7. As far as I no thats completly in the scope. Theres a low grav cheat I believe. You can pretty much modify and physics in GTA.
  8. Question: I was wondering whether or not there is way to export and import models easily and maybe even visually? Suggestion: If not I would like to suggest the option to be added to import and export models easily from the editor. Basicly I think there should be a folder like San Andreas\Resources\models It wouldn't hurt I guess to suggest to add quick texture importing to by putting it in a directory to be used. IE: \textures\ of course. Model formats that would be best supported are .lwo, .3ds and of course blender models can't remember file type extension off hand. Textures allowed
  9. Oh well they love the community all the same. I feel like we need a mod community diplomats to speak with them. Like elect someone to be a chairman to communicate the masses dreams, and hopes for the GTA Universe.
  10. Ok lets try and be logical people here and not just talk out of our asses. If you say something try and use some intellect. Notice how above the word language above was used to say something is not a language. No HTML is not a high level so to speak language. HYPER TEXT MARKUP "LANGUAGE" what it is becuase it is a form of communication for us the humans, to tell the computer put a picture here or there, Low level languages like Assembly uses binary to talk as direct as you can for operations. Script or what not , there both fruit. One may be an apple one may be an orange but it doesn't change
  11. Sweet that answered my question perfectly.
  12. lol you know though i mean the tat is fine if your not going to steal cars lol, i mean you don't get SAW III tatted on your forehead and then go killing people and not expect to get caught
  13. lol I'm not sure what to say. I mean really I think he wanted to be caught, or just the stupidest fucker ever. Reason being is what did he invite a cop over and say he look at this tat guess what this means? lol he fits in the with dumbass group as to me lol
  14. I read one question I could not find an answer to in the manual is can you export your maps to be used in mods?
  15. wow that really is an intuitive idea you can use the player as alot of object replacments just make a special char like a bot thats really not a player at all. question though then if a player can synch, a car can synch, guns can synch, whats the deal with other things like a simple low poly ball not synching?
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