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  1. I encountered a couple of bugs and couple of problems. I'm going to post them in one topic, so others feel free to do the same in this topic. Please stick to the subject and dont start some random flaming/spamming. Only bugs/problems and or fixes on the bugs/problems. -Mouse and even controls not responding (in other words: I can't move, only talk ingame. Many others had the same problem and restarting the game/disconnecting and reconnecting works, but isn't really a "nice" solution -"Custom maps" give fps dips, and overall MTADM gives fps dips (I heard some others on the server talking about this too...). I never had any problems with my SA and MTARACE... it only happens now with DM. -Main menu laggs (with CJ/TOMMY/CLAUDE "spinning" around). Not that major problem but it's annoying. Feel free to post some more and give me some hints. Good job on this preview... never knew it'd be released "so soon"
  2. I didn't say I agreed with the "we are f*cking close" statement ... I just said they have been saying this for a long time...
  3. It's not released yet and I doubt it'll be released in the coming weeks. (They allways say it's f*ckin' close but I'm not so sure about that). You'll have to be happy with the mta:race at the moment, or you can also download and play the buggy SA:MP (yeah, it's atleast something).
  4. Need I are has the be say more? He t3h are is haxxxer? BAN Seriously... how dumb can you be? Telling on a forum, where they DON'T support cheating, that you are cheating?
  5. What? I thought it was allowed to have custom weapon/player models/skins in MTASA! Wow, you guys aren't going to do the same mistake as the SAMP team did (they didn't allow any mods either... but now they, finally, allow weapon models/skins... player skins)
  6. New scripts, new maps, and heavy modifications of some sorts won't work. (It's obvious... the server runs the stock thing). But you can modify car (models/skins), weapon (models/skins) and player (models/skins). Also, some map skins will work. So, no scripts... isn't this obvious?
  7. I read your method ... but to me it's just the same (it's just overwriting 1.01 again to 1.0. I'mma try it out sometime... would it work on a 2.0 "downgraded" sa?
  8. I guess it is: "Don't worry, it's f*ckin' close now"
  9. You have no clue what all the process takes, a bunch of unorganised player's will not help anyhow. And we have no problem bug researching You have no clue for how long you (guys) are holding this up ...
  10. I know that ... but seriously I cannot find it anymore (it was in one of the million topics that is closed because of the BS post by kids). I'm a 100% sure it was one of the QA/MTA team who said it... but it was in july or something. Still, if I/we don't get any specific news I'm going to rely on "old info".
  11. I ain't bullshitting like the kids do... seriously you guys (MTA/QA team) mentioned the dev progress was stalled/release gets drawn back a couple of times because of the development of new gamemodes.
  12. Because YOU guys were talking about "gamemodes being added, and those take alot of time". Also "you guys want to have something to play with if you have it: se we are creaing different gametypes". -_-'
  13. They're still feeding us BS ... that's the only conclusion I have atm... Instead of real updates... real "pinpointed" dates of release or something . Also a hint to the developers: you can update your releases monthly/bimonthly/... with those new content/gametypes. Most of the new gametype won't be played that much... only the most important/most fun ones (and others, made by fans/servers will be played more than stock ones so). Put a poll up to see/let us play a "selected" beta to give us a taste WHAT gametypes there are and WHICH gametypes the public wants to see... DM, TDM, CTF and some others are the most important ones...
  14. We would be more faithfull if they'd show more /care to their public. That's why SA-MP forums are so crowded.
  15. Wow you are a genious... seriously, you have found the egg of columb (figure of speech in dutch language ;P). Requesting a lock here.
  16. Here ya go... you/we all should check it more often
  17. Indeed, here are the links for the ones that cannot find it: don't like the shark thing tbh... looks too fake ;P. Rest is great! edit1: especially : customisable CJ! SKILL! No more whoring! and it seems to have less lagg/desync bullsh!t. edit2: Planes look synced correctly too ... if not, !
  18. And don't expect it to be Deatmatch (for newcomers: walking around/killing people). The only version of MTA for SA released is RACE!
  19. FullMetal


    goto hell, we dont need you opinions. If you dont have anything else to say, f*ck off. 11 year old talk!
  20. I agree with Maccer... you actually "see" something happening. Not some vague comments like "were close", or "most bugs are fixed" . Love the new video... new gametypes is good, but can we/servers make their own? Tdm gametypes... like the ones in SAMP, or even more/better ones... escort missions (truck/rig/flatbed whatever). Because I ain't that fond of CTF. One more thing too: those streaming objects, I hope not each server will use them (because "streaming objects" in samp were pure crap. They lagged and popped up out of nowhere ).
  21. Driveby's done by the driver himself are cheap (meaning, he drives up to you, runs you over and you spray the hell out of your tec/micro/mp5).
  22. Ugh, that should change the weapon.dat file... but if the server doesn't have it, it won't be like that (well, I presume it works that way ... mods = server side right? The data/scripted mods that is). Also, will you be able to aim as a passenger witha shotgun? (chromegun)? Because in the singleplayer we all have seen Catalina do that (the "robbing the bank"/"betting shop missions). She shoots the chromegun as a passenger on a bike AND in a car. Same for colt45 (grove st members do so) and the deagle (catalina does so in another mission). I'd really like to see this ... also being able to change weapon as a passanger (shotgun, handgun or sub machine gun). But, the driver will need to be able to change the radio stations than (or, you will be able to change channel, but as passanger you should leave the "lean out/driveby shooting" mode). Any thoughts on this? Are there any developments on this? (This should be done IMO ... it makes the game more fun and challenging (+ more balanced too).
  23. Indeed I also like the new forums. Maybe some darker "theme"? Good job!
  24. Shotgun, you don't understand what I say. I don't say everyone under 18 is like that... I just say there's a part (major or not, but I think it is) that just acts childish and needs to stop playing GTA. GTA is ment for GROWN UPS (I'll state it this way, because else there'll be confusion).
  25. FullMetal

    Cheating question

    pointsandcommasareniceelseyou'llgettheproblemandit'llreadasshitasthislineijusttyped SA-MP is a nice timewaster ... but to play it for a long time, it's just annoying (laggers/people with bad internet who can't be killed. The only thing matters in SA-MP is wheter you lagg or not. Laggers always win, people with nice connection lose).
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