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  1. I have San Andreas, I bought it, but every time I try to play MTA, it says "Only GTA:SA version 1.0 is supported"
  2. Can someone show me where I can download version 1.0, so I can play MTA?
  3. Dude just got it to work by what you told me. Thanks for the help
  4. No, I did not. I will try that now and post back in about 5 minutes to tell you if it worked or not. Please don't leave. EDIT: I am trying to get the song on MTA not the actually game btw. Just in case that changes anything
  5. I did this as well, but it still will not let me listen to my songs on MTA...It just constantly plays commercials.
  6. I have the tracks in my Mydocuments/GTA San Andreas User Files/user track folder...but it still doesn't work. Can some one please show me step by step how to play my own music on the User Track Player radio station?
  7. What do you do in MTA? And do I need to buy GTA III and GTA: Vice City to play MTA?
  8. What is the difference between MTA and San Andreas: multiplayer?
  9. OK, so I need the actual version of GTA:SA to play MTA and San Andreas: Multiplayer? Cause I was going to go out and buy that today, sorry for the noob question.
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