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  1. StormaX

    Big Script

    Ok harry , any peepz can make a lil RPG idea into the script?
  2. StormaX


    Ye, i think firefox is the favorite
  3. I know xP but making them custom is fun
  4. StormaX


    Haha , yeah IE is a piece of crap , also, IE 7 is crap to
  5. Aww , thats to bad. Would be cool though
  6. StormaX


    Haha , i also used that for a while. Who voted for IE?
  7. StormaX

    Time Script

    Yes I also even tested it with your script. And with Oli's GRS. Workx fine.
  8. Ah k , then dont base your clan on a pic of GTA3 if your MAINLY Sa-MP.
  9. StormaX

    Time Script

    Haha , Thanks alot toady But ye , i figgerd GRS works with $mta.level($1,$2) to , so most ppl use grs i think And if they have their own admin system , they can make this lil' command then self to Thanks for editing me toady
  10. Damn nice, but i like the current one
  11. Palster , if im not already out of the tourney , I will play with rohane.
  12. Hello, I post this for the los clan , since i help them out sometimes. And well , they need the people http://www.mta-nf.com , plz take a look there or http://www.mta-nf.com/forums > For the forums. Its still not linked But [LoS] Means - Legends of Stunting. They are also in DM, currently only in VC. You can see the servers they have a few. I also wish them good luck ! GL, StormaX
  13. Ah Thanks, well i dont have SA on my computer. Because my Video Card is SOOOOOOO fucked, i cant play
  14. WOOOt, didnt even know were that is Can u explain? and mapping for Vice City , would be great
  15. StormaX

    Time Script

    Hey, I made this script all by myself. This is my first rly working and sometimes usefull script Maybe someone needs it to . on *:SIGNAL:mta.command:{ if ( $mta.level($1,$2) >= 2 && $3 == !t && $4 == $4-) mta.settime $1 $4- elseif ($3 == !info) mta.say $1 Multi theft Auto mIRC Admin - Additional Scripts by [XE]StormaX } you can remove the !info : Multi theft Auto mIRC Admin - Additional Scripts by [XE]StormaX ofcourse Have fun with it StormaX
  16. Yes, Judging from the screenshots, its rly nice. But , i quess u use a program to create this or ... sa probly or for VC ?
  17. StormaX

    Burn Baby Burn

    Awww, then buy some I come in Poland to some time. And CD's there own
  18. StormaX


    Who uses firefox? or smt else
  19. A. lmao Q.Eh lol ? Cant do it urself? This is all spam Edit: all A Q , lol i didnt notice Edited my previous post , so i dont ruin ur A Q party.
  20. Hey, This is only for GTA3? cause i cant rly play gta3 good cause my pc crashes after some time playing GTA3 , i dont know what the prob is and i dont know what the solution is. And i heared GTA3 isnt so much playd @ mta
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