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  1. Uhm, I should first try it to decide. =P
  2. This could be useful for gamemodes like MOUT McKenna in America's Army
  3. That was just a suggestion, I think doing it wouldn't take too much time (i don't know anything about coding so probably i'm wrong...)
  4. Could you please give me the id of the largest flat surface in the game?
  5. I've noticed that many people are getting sick of waiting for MTA DM, so I think that releasing a Race client improved by the new netcode would be a good way to make them have more patience, and it would also let them taste the potential of the DM mod. I also suppose it wouldn' take much time to the devs (or maybe it's not just about pressing ctrl+c and ctrl+v! )
  6. I was gonna ask the same question
  7. Oh, i didn't meant that thing, I was thinking about if 2 people listened to the same radio station, they would hear the same song, at the same moment, i wasn't talking about if someone was a passenger in a vehicle he would hear the same station as the driver...
  8. Of course i wasnt talking about custom tracks... i don't think it's legal to sync them, it's just like sharing them
  9. I think it would be cool if the radio was synced, to listen the same music with mates! I think it's not hard to do and it doesn't take much bandwidth...(i'm just supposing!)
  10. I tried to download the netcode video and the first MTADM one, but both of the links were dead... anyone knows any mirror where to download them?
  11. http://multitheftauto.com/blog/index.php?mode=viewid&post_id=122#comment It already does it i think.
  12. I'd like to ask this question to the QA: I was thinking: if the ability in sa-mp was about shooting forward to the player in order to compense the lag, now that MTA will have a great sync as well as lag compensation how is the gameplay like? is it more "kill everything that moves"-like or is it more tactic?
  13. Why do you think so? I think it would be great! Well, maybe if someone doesn't like them maybe the team could set it togglable...
  14. Hello everyone, i've been following the lastest updates and noticed the awesome work, keep it up MTA team! I've noticed that the on-foot sync is such great, so i thinked it would be a great idea introducing the hitboxes... I don't know if it's actually possible, but it would really improve the gameplay and the fun (headshots ftw! ). What do you think about think about that?