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    Port 22126 problem

    Thanks but it seems to be working now. Hopefully it will show up soon. If anyone want's to hop on to DQ's Race Server, be my guest.
  2. DQuaN

    Port 22126 problem

    I have now, and it still says it's closed. *Edit* Restarted the server and it's now showing as open. Weird. Thanks for your help anyway.
  3. DQuaN

    Port 22126 problem

    Hi, I'm having trouble setting up my MTA server. Port 22126 does not appear to be forwarding. I've run tests on this site and usign the "openports" command. Other ports are fine. Has this happened to anyone else? openports Testing ports... Port 22126 UDP is closed. Players can not browse! Port 22003 UDP is open. Port 22005 TCP is open. All ports are definitely open in the firewall. The firewall is a BT Home hub and the server is Windows 2003. Firewall on the server is off. Perhaps I could just have one rule opening ports 22000 to 22130 but I don't like the security risk. Any he
  4. Scooby you are truly a legend. Thanks for all your help.
  5. I am having the same problems as above. When you solved them it would have been handy if you put the solution in the post. Can someone help me with the two issues in this quote?
  6. Sorry for all the questions, but I am very new to this. Your help is greatly appreciated. Where in the config file do I add my name to admin? *edit* Ah found it! Can admins on rcon use the admin functions in the GUS like !kick and !ban? Or do they have to use the rcon commands?
  7. I don't get kicked though. I can log on as another username and change my nick and then its fine. How do I use the MTA login system?
  8. I know, I am at home now and the server is running at work. I can't see the server in the list. *edit* Another problem I have is a dynamic IP. I did the !set command, and now my IP has changed. When i join a game I get kicked instantly. I can join as a different user and then change my name back and I get a message "Invalid IP". Also, what is to stop someone logging on, typing /nick and getting full control?
  9. Port forwarding is set, but it's still not in the server list.
  10. It is enabled but I haven't set up port forwarding for that service yet. I'll give that a go and see what happens.
  11. I'm afraid i can't pinpoint which bit it is. Is it the ASE or is it something else?
  12. Yeah, i just need to get used to the commands. Thanks for all your help. One more thing, how do i get my server to appear in the server list? Is it something to do with ASE?
  13. [17:48] !info [17:48] Multi Theft Auto mIRC Admin v4.15 by Aeron: DQuaN Ah!, got it working now. Now i need to figure out how to make other users admin, and how to set up a script that keeps points!
  14. Hi all, I have followed the instructions in the first post but I am unsure what to do next. I have the mIRC client running, but when I type !set in the game nothing happens. I can't use any of the commands either. Any ideas what I have done wrong?
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