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  1. I am logged as admin level 5 using rcon_login and is recognized by the script through my clan tag and IP. But when try to ban someone with !ban (following exact name with caps and caracteres when needed) I get "cannot ban self". To actually ban a cheater, I have to do !getip then !banip ... !ban just won't work. suggestion > there should be a toggle option to award points and money for ppl beating records, even when alone
  2. it easy to notice when you check the points.ini... the points script as is gives points to the ip... and for some reason the rank script would read only nicks. So just modify the points script so it gives points to nicks and not to IPs.
  3. I get this too... for some reason GUS messes it up with the map rating command !votemap ... and I got no idea on how to prevent that ... Maybe GUS should rename it to !ratemap ???
  4. Once your server is running and MTA:MA script is connected through remote admin. Launch MTA:SA, connect to your server, and as a chat message type "!set" (without both "), it will grant you level 10 admin.
  5. vincedss


    Yeah, I noticed that sometimes some of the players in game dont appear in the ranking. But they are gone or rejoin it's fine.
  6. vincedss


    I guess I will revert to Lil Toady's script... Although the idea of keeping a ladder in a .ini file would be a cool idea... so player could check their ladder position with the !stats !points or !rank command. Aeron > Keep us updated if you can get the script to work or on how to set it up correctly. I didnt understand what you said about tweaking the INI files.
  7. vincedss


    As leading player I have finished like 10 races and still the !rank command only shows : Players with top points : 1: with 2: with 3: with 4: with 5: with I will try to add manually the %mta.top.X values in points.ini
  8. Actually this guy has a static IP and still can join. So I put him in the blocked list of my firewall... he tried to connect a couple times and couldn't On a side note, I got a point system script to work (using scripts in these forums that I modfied so they work together). My only problem is that I don't know how to make it into a single .MRC file . I got a bunch of .MRC, one per function (!top5, !stats, point for finishing, points when setting new record, show rank on join...). Some mta.text functions would not work when I fuse em all in one script.
  9. vincedss


    apologies, the top 5 script works now. I didnt have many players in my points.ini before. Seems to work fine. But some lines wont show once in a while.
  10. I have banned some cheaters from my server using the GUS x16 script. But for some reasons, one guy keep coming back and play... I checked in the bans.ini (GUS x16) and banned.lst (MTA server) files and his IP is still there. And the IP reported by the server and the script is the exact same. Maybe there is something wrong with my computer... or maybe this guy got a hack to get around this. If he knows how to modified the EXE would that be possible to go around the ban ? But I still don't get why the script doesnt kick this dude automatically when he joins, especially that his IP is in bans.
  11. vincedss


    apparently not ...
  12. for some reason on my server, 1st gets 1 pt, 2nd gets 2 pts, 3rd get 3 pts, so on... can you fix this ?
  13. I have been looking around in these forums but I have been unable to find scripts that work correctly. So the best is to ask to the best script around My suggestions : - a point system like : when you win a race get as much points as the number of players, 2nd get that minus one, 3rd get that minus 2, so on (if player is alone give 2 points) (I have seen a working script for this in the forums) - create a ladder and a command to show the best 3 or 5. - with the !stats command show the total points, ranking and number of best times the player holds - When a player ends a race, show how mu
  14. vincedss


    yes it's kinda screwy... I wonder if someone could fix this script.
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