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  1. Quwer

    Q pictures

    I'm weak in lua.Try my words: How do a simple script who create images on screen it was be changed with player health. -Player hp = 200 (standard max health) images 1 -Player hp = 170 images 2 -Player hp = 140 images 3 -Player hp = 120 images 4 -Player hp = 90.... When he die images 7 did you understoond ?
  2. Quwer

    Q pictures

    I use google translate
  3. Quwer

    Q pictures

    How to make a display of an image with the number of players such as HP: 200 hp the player has such a picture is going to die yet another goes to each player's amount of life thing ala the new hud?
  4. Quwer

    Strange thing

    I dont know whether you can enter the vehicle but I saw them as the rest of the players
  5. I thing i love you <3 ! i was long search some resource like this ! thx good job niggaz !
  6. Quwer

    Strange thing

    Hello to all the latest in my absence on my server came a couple of players who began to spawn a lot of vehicles to such a level that fell to 5-6 fps had some crash. It also saw tanks (what a surprise because the tanks are not available) And my question is how they did it, the car because it spawned the limit is 2 for 1 player. I was thinking about some bugs in the script
  7. Hi i have little problem when i login in of admin then i type in chat /hpanel and : Pls for help
  8. Quwer

    Its me agian :P

    p-spawn dosent work when i paste cord them i have script error on mta server something like this unacepted symbol " ' " but i dont paste ' to code
  9. Hi I would like to add a picture to your server so that it displays in the lower left corner. How to create a "save zone" where players will not be able to use weapons and the bots will not be able to attack How to make a player spawn position giving him a weapon And how to create a teleport to another place going into the marker (input, output) (Shop but no interior) Please and thank you for your help
  10. Quwer

    Map efects[Q]

    Hi all so I have a question for you whether you know might like to add an effect of fire, light, blood on the map? The second question how to make teleport after the entry marker (in both input / output)? Oh and I almost forgot if anyone knows why the attitude of the server does not see it in the "lan"
  11. Quwer

    Little Quastion

    Ok its wor but how delete binds (off)
  12. Quwer

    Little Quastion

    Ok when i do say it work but how to command (im so stupid ) i have command /cv 577 it spwan car.I type " bind ] command cv 557" it not work.
  13. Quwer

    Little Quastion

    Hello i have little quastion (maybe stupid).But how use "bind" keys in server . I press ~ 1.~ and i type "bind ] abc" then chat show me a massage "bind" "]" "abc" "down" 2.I press ] and nothing ? Pls for help
  14. Quwer


    Now its work thx thx ! How i can get weapon for bot and god mode Last quastion how many bots i can add for server ?
  15. Quwer


    Ok i find my animation how i can add this for actor Crack:bd_clap It will be synchronized ? I check your script (thx for that) but its dosent work when i type this in server console I fixed it was a bug in. Xml (name), but when I run the script bot is not show..
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