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  1. Like XP users (like me) can't be bothered moving to Vista (again, like me).
  2. Usually there's some url for you to use in forums so you put that in your sig. You'll need to know what site they used first. Like xfire and imageshack. It's on your profile on them.
  3. Join mta-scripting irc for help, or post in the scripting section on the forums. Try scripting a simple gamemode.
  4. You can't judge 2 things if you've only ever tried 1 of the 2. Try lua, and I don't mean look at it and say you don't like it. Try scripting something like a gamemode in lua and see if it does good, better than pawn, and is easier to do.
  5. I've seen that name before on Race. On a cheating server too (I don't cheat online. But on STONED Freeroam on Race, I only use a cheat program there and there only, and not even that much, just for the fun of it). He was no that server. And since it's a cheat allowed server. Maybe you can find a way to ban his cpu? And if he gets back, then he has too many computers.
  6. Sorry for quoting this post that was posted last month. thecrazyman would be the right name. Often when I'm on lil Toady's FMJ server, he often came on and annoying people then coming on saying things like "I got banned for a stupid reason", then I and another Admin says "well, avoiding bans is never smart, so there's your answer". And he gets banned again and comes back on saying the same, just saying it in a different way.
  7. Munch

    Missing the old days... :(

    ...(what an idiot(
  8. No, the keyboard isn't causing the problems. But it fixed the problem when I had it. I had it a lot, I did that, never had it again.
  9. I meant hitting it slightly...with your hand, not head. Hit somewhere like the spacebar (not too hard and not too light).
  10. Maybe that'll work, but what I said works better. And won't need you to paste 'a' all the time. Just hit the keyboard...but don't break it.
  11. Was and is (I haven't played on the server for nearly a year, but I know it's still that way).
  12. Yes, I was talking about Freeroam Paradise. And yes, they are moving to DM mid 2008 (not the biggest fan of the server, but, that was my first SAMP server, now I only play on STONED, we moved there while waiting for DM to come out, and also Meltdown server sometimes). But when I first helped one of the first Admins get SAMP when it first came out, I played on there. Two of their main Admins used to play on MTA STONED...DJ (MTA -- DJ-Prime), and DJNick (MTA -- DJNICK). DJNICK was the person I helped get SAMP.
  13. I know a server who used to be on Race, and moved to SA-MP. They was the first actual role-playing server. And on SA-MP they got stuff like saving money in banks, jobs, police, role playing, etc. But now others got that. And I know on SA-MP there are other RP servers, so they'll probably be on DM when it comes out. And others who aren't on SA-MP, like MTA servers who plan on becoming RP servers.
  14. I answered this in the Help topic, but you seemed to of made two topics. Oh, I got that problem quite a few times. Just hit your keyboard (but don't break it, just smack it a bit). And it won't happen again (or at least for a while).
  15. Oh, I got that problem quite a few times. Just hit your keyboard (but don't break it, just smack it a bit). And it won't happen again (or at least for a while).
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