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  1. kk loller now i lol your lolly ass lol.
  2. omg lol, its lol keyboard, lol.
  3. [TBB]Dr.Damnit


    Its the big lol topic, i love lol, new pie: pielol. LOL. omg lol. this is big lol topic lol.
  4. Some quotes from my D2TW forum lol Lol it was in my spamming forum, and rofl Jigga! lmao
  5. The site layout has improved, check it out
  6. lol, yeah i ment the tags on the walls, not the tags on the nicknames, now i hear its possible, it would be kind of fun
  7. I made a website, just released today, the layout sucks. but it will be better soon http://members.chello.nl/dadiro/
  8. When youre going in any server, you will see a screen first, the background will be black, now the screen will ask you, When spraying a tag, how do you want it? Now you can draw a spray-tag with your mouse, and you can select 1 color for your tag! Hope this idea works Would be really cool
  9. He is not good by his head lol, if you are a fanboy, just save pictures and movies from gta on ur pc, but dont tattoo em on your body lol.
  10. That's stupid imo to start a clan in a month after your prev one.. your clan just can't become respected, popular, etc. for a month! you needa do something for it.. Not just say: "blah that clan aint successfull, ill start a new one" And if it has problems, don't leave it for a new clan.. you'd never be successful acting like this.. ....
  11. [GVB] Did not really got a succes, now smokey and i are trying to make a cool clan, so... just so you know.
  12. got any problems with my gang recruitment topic?
  13. A. Lol no. Q. How many times did you got owned in mta sa or sa-mp?
  14. Lol nah, 2 clans from now on [GVB] and [D2TW]
  15. Hey. people might find it weird im starting just up anhoter clan again, long time ago i started, [GVB] Now i started up a clan with smokey! heres the info: Tag name: [D2TW] Clan name: Death to the world Tags: /D2TW\ - Trainer =D2TW= - Leader [D2TW] - Member {D2TW} - Scripter Information: D2TW was found by Dr.Damnit and smokey. The clan is very brand new and we hope to get some members, now we try to get most of the people on this forum to join Death to the world, we have a server, and a forum!!! The forum once was called ScriptingX, but now its the official [D
  16. omg cj will be sad when close topic!
  17. rofl part i donno. cj happy and now callz roflcopter, roflcopter arrived and ballz in it, cj sad and run away. ent LoL
  18. CJ spits Dr.Damnit out And cj rofl eatasttts ransom omfg... now cj ate ransom and he goes in a random car omfg now cj become big omfg now cj hav sucky face omfg now cj sad cj dreve in his car lol. he see ballz he not droveby he shoot a foot, now cop come and owns ballz with car kill now cj step out and kill cop for no reason the end lol wanna see more just stay tunned roffl
  19. well rofllmao thanx yar!!! here other stroy: Cj is now in hospital because ballz driveby, cj mad and sad, gs sad to. lmao cj owned in hospital, ballz owned cj, now cj become butterfly lol then he eat popcorn then he jumps out window from hospital and cheats a hydra now cj flys away and do rocket to ballz town BoOmSkI! ballz mad and driveby plane from cj cj crashes his hydra and hurts self, now cj in hospital. ballz ented hospital and say omfg noez.... lol rofl lmao end!
  20. Lol wrte yar own sa sapm stry lol. Lmao Cj walk over street and shoot a man! cj grab monie from man and runz , he goez in car and drivez awai vroom vroom, he vroomed with his vrooming car, cj got folloowed by ballz they do driveby cj died and got owned by ballz, now GS got pissd and attacked the ballz. end rofl.
  21. Cats are really annoying and they scratch you, but those faces are so sweet
  22. Uhm... Next time dont post untill you have read all the suggestions. http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=18239 Its my topic, i did this as suggestion to, why making a new topic? lol.
  23. heh... I think something like this cant be done, but if it can, it will be pretty cool...
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