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  1. its mainly for 8 of us, what is this ase port and how do i open it?
  2. gta:sa is a stragey game!!! lets stragieise
  3. Dazoman


    im just doing what the forum tells me too do, suggestions!!!, i just thought it would be cool or something
  4. Dazoman


    Maybe every player can pick there own car, and respawn it any time in the game, they can customize it and it will be locked so no one can steal it, but watch out !!! someone might blow it up
  5. no i can join my server, just my server wont connect too the server list if u get me?
  6. How about people are able too own buildings, they recieve money and building INFO on each server, if own any??? EX, airports... strip clubs.. 24/7's
  7. ok i got a linksys does that help
  8. READ ON PAGE 1 what i wrote sorry about mutiple posts it said it failed sending and now they turned up very sorry
  9. O.k i kinda got same problem, now i read through the posts and most of it was pointless remarks. Now i just want too know, AM i able too use my internet IP for the server without it defaulting too my local?
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