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  1. Why do you want to know? I know that guy and can help you get in touch with him if you have a valid reason to contact him.
  2. This Manashi guy is well, another person, the real owners of Shodown, Sunny and Manishi are my friends, and they have stopped the server long back. As for Sunny h, he no longer plays MTA and Manishi is in hostel now so he can't play.
  3. P.S: I am that Edd. Or commonly known as Edd_Brown on RP servers. I would like to thank Phat Looser for giving me the opportunity to showcase my work. In case anyone wants to have a successful server, I provide free consultation (marketing, features etc.) for any kind of server. As a proof of my work, I was able to generate an average of 40 players within a month, and 80 players the next month. That too on a Freeroam, which is most commonly available on MTA. The servers have been maxed out i.e. it has reached full capacity countless times.
  4. Thanks scarface, hope this works or I will have lost all accounts
  5. Guys how to update the server to 1.0.4 I heard that it uses sql for new account creation and 1.0.3 used xml, if i upgrade, will I loose my accounts?
  6. no joke guys, the anti cheat is actually good (if not perfect) you should come and see it yourself. however, server is not much fun though due to lack of jobs etc. but it will soon be good with the upcoming upgrade. The server name is Gamenet RPG server(just search gamenet and u'll see it) I know it looks like advertising, but visiting the server and trying is the only way at present that you'll know about the anti cheat.
  7. well he has the anti cheat and is working great. u can come and test it on gamenet rpg server. but i dont think he will be releasing such a precious script
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