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  1. There's already many other projects for that (not trying to sound rude) I'd rather want one for IV.
  2. Anyone? Sorry for bumping though
  3. I was thinking you can do really much stuff in MTA that even singleplayer can't yet. Because they're having a small part of soruce code. I thought then it is not so odd. But now I heard that I was wrong. So how are all of these things (features) possible in MTA? Have there been really alot of reverse engereering? And two unrelated questions, it maybe fits better in the suggestions, but it would be so cool to have MTA singplayer edition. (oridnary MTA SA is damn cool with multiplayer for SA etc) but since MTA have so much features that aren't in singplayer it would be epic
  4. I can't find them.. Are there any way to find them ?? (I lookt in the resource map.) Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi! I unistalled my Mta and I choosed so it would save my maps.. It did but then I re-installed it again.. Because it got bugged it coulden't load any maps.. So are there anyway to get back all my maps I had ? -.- ..... With hdd searching program or something.. Thanks alot!.. (I checked the recsores but they weren't there -.- ) I forgot to back up when I installd it again....
  6. Hi! I made a map in sea but its very hard to find it... I can't find it so are there any way to find it??.. And when I searched in sea I couldn't find it you just get lost.. Lol.. So are there a easy way find there I were last?.. And an thing is very dumb in mta map editor: You have to go with mouse city to city if you woulden't start in Sanandreas... Tricky... There should be a telport or something.. Anyway a very good map editor! ... Thanks alot for help!...
  7. Almost fixed now I can start Mta and use it a while but then the error message shows up again
  8. It didn't work But thanks anyway.. Have u more ideas to fix??.. Maybe some files are delted because I re-installed sa-mp and I maybe took a Mta file aslo?? Idk.. But I have re-installd Mta so that can't be the problem...
  9. I tryd to re-install but didn't helpt.. I will pm a admin
  10. Here is ther error message: The instruction at 0x77652262 referenced memory at 0x00000024. The memory could not be written. Click OK to termenite the program. Pls help me
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