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  1. I can understand what he is saying and that is what he is saying
  2. Beat The Bullies


    How do i make a MTA SA Server i have read the tut thing on the wiki i cant understand/follow it can people help me
  3. For the hosting do you pay and If you are giving them away i'll have them
  4. Could i look after the scripts and Are they being hosted in a game?
  5. i'll look after it and have the scripts is it being hosted?
  6. Is there a free Host for my server? P.S My dad does not want me to Port Forward I want just a Host for my server
  7. Beat The Bullies


    Can someone post youtube tut's on how to make a server for me to understand easier please
  8. How do i make one? Where can i download MTA VC? ____________________________________________________________ Beat The Bullies Site owner
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