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  1. Kray-Z


    Yeah like you rofl 24/7 on irc and playing mta dm rofl u son of a bitch!
  2. Kray-Z


    NEW WU ZI MU TIME! God is my witness here! No cheats or headstarts used!
  3. Nice looking map, can't wait to race it! Good luck!
  4. Kray-Z

    Urban Circuit!

    NEW DOWNLOAD LINK: http://uploaded.de/?id=uvoy0z〈=en
  5. Kray-Z

    Urban Circuit!

    Yo! I've been working on this map all night long, gonna sleep after 5 mins, thought why not introduce my map, a few screenies and some info bout the map Name: Urban Circuit Players: 26 Laps: 2 Duration : ~2.20 Vehicle: Hotring racer Map made by: Kray-Z Some tricky turns! Download link for map: http://www.teamskc.co.uk/index.php?cate ... _fileid=72 Don't forget to vote and comment! Thanks for checking out my map Sorry bout the size of the pics, goodnight!
  6. Kray-Z


    Most old times are so easily breakable... They should update it, or make a challenge about it, which they hold on popular server, time will fly by then, so we won't stay here behind our lazy chairs waiting for the release of MTA DM....
  7. Kray-Z


    New time for Channel Loop! 3.08:406 and to zion I wish good luck! (hope you never break my time )
  8. Whenever I try to browse for servers and 'connect to scanner' it just sits there and never loads up. My internet connection is fine. Has anyone else have or had this problem? I don't have any mods whatsoever, it used to be working fine t'ill I uninstalled Mcafee virusscan. (wortless piece of crap! ) EDIT: it's fixed now, was my AVG firewall, played MTA in windowed mode and then a message came saying if I should give access for MTA to connect to the internet
  9. Edit by BrophY: Post warez again and you will be banned
  10. Kray-Z


    you can still beat that, I had a bad start
  11. Kray-Z


    Channel Loop : 3:10:64
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