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  1. and still mta has not added this little thingy to the site! just use the little icon that they use for the shortcut!
  2. and still mta has not added this little thingy to the site! just use the little icon that they use for the shortcut!
  3. Yes, actually. It's the little things that make life great. my thoughts exactly, its like you have all this great stuff going on and just one tiny little detail could seal the deal of making this page more "official" PS paul your gonna have 1337 post here in a few hahahah, should take a screeny of it
  4. yeah thats it! i can never remember exactly what those are called, but anyway...what are the chances of it returning? i like that little addition to my bookmarks bar, makes MTA seem more official yaknow.
  5. When I use Firefox Browser (and probably with other browsers too) I always have a bar that includes a bunch of links to my favorite sites, and allows me to jump easily from one to another, and MTA's Index page made this list. The site is great and all, but being such a popular site and all, i would think they would have one of those little icons (for instance myspace has a little myspace symbol next to it) and I thought MTA needs one of those, like a little MTA symbol! If you still dont understand what i mean, heres a pic: http://img180.imageshack.us/img180/1333 ... picdu7.png but anyway!
  6. did u try deleting GTA.set file?
  7. MD_Reptile

    GTA Songs

    Lil' Wayne - I fell like dying
  8. that would do quite a number to me old clawhammer amd i might have to do that one time lmao.
  9. and you are such a newb im gonna dubba post in me own topix PS: end this thread...
  10. yeah ill be honest, i was in asshole mode right there, its just cause i got a lot going on in my own life, but i just suddenly felt like taking it out on MTA, sorry for my rudeness lmao. and normally i am a really nice person. (feels double post coming on)
  11. ...And im really starting to think no matter how much party'ing, how much wasting time, how much college, how many new people i meet, no matter HOW F@CKING many times I return to this site, its just going to sit here and rot within the fingers of beta testers and QA Team/Developers. Its like "Good Lord, Let MTA BE F'ing Released!" inside my head, and its just like every person who steps up to get laughed and argued at with the team just becomes LESS of a fan, however even though almost every time I click my hotlink to get back here its STILL not OUT for the public, its almost like this small t
  12. MD_Reptile

    Free Roam?

    *Giggle*. I'd like to enjoy the mod entitled Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas, but I only ought to enjoy the roam of freedom. This is currently not possible. Is there by any chance a possibility of me being able to enjoy a nice game of roaming freely with someone without splitting my screen? ^ Fixed, I suppose. lmfaoroflBBQ very good translation, ultra 1337
  13. MD_Reptile


    right on, and that is THE most important part about GTA online play (in my opinion) so if people want to call race mod crappy, then what are they comparing it to? SA-MP? is SA-MP a racing mod? No. so if someone wants to compare MTA to another racing mod, feel free (oh wait, what other racing mod?) so i dont see how he can even say Race was crap, when race set the groundrules that DM is built upon! without race, there would be no BLUE core for DM to be designed with! its what we HAD to have in order to be where we are today as a community, without race is like, not having online play at all (su
  14. MD_Reptile


    Ofcourse who isnt... ditto, but the race mod was NOT stupid, it was awesome you really think samp is good? wow i cant agree with that, samp is pure shite compared to race (EVEN without DM!) not me, you must be talking about yourself and your friends... your must be a lost SA MP fan, this is the MTA forums dude, the mods are totally different, dont harp about how much better something that competes with MTA is, because they all have HUGE flaws! and i was expecting this post to lead somewhere informative, guess i was wrong.
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