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  1. update - 09/06/07 New description, and several new members - website fixed - http://ciaclan.uk.tt 24/7 Server on SA-MP :: 24/7 Server on MTA :: Coming soon! -pac
  2. dont spread it, until it's released.
  3. all i need is a clear answer, do we have to pay because i REALLY doubt my parents will let me pay to download it.
  4. you've gotto be joking? do we seriously have to pay 6$?? please tell me i read it wrong
  5. I was thinking, instead of booting another .exe why not add the option in single player so you can hop between multiplayer and single player?
  6. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IRC: mIRC | PJIRC | Webchat Website: http://www.ciaclan.uk.tt The CIA are strictly professional and highly skilled. We recruit people who look good in-game and test them for one week. Those who fail to meet expectations will get fired immediately! We are an active clan and usually only play on GTA-T servers. We want to keep the member list small but skilled so you must have a recent respect of 2000 to be accepted into the CIA officially as Full-member. Common Servers [CIA] ~
  7. well you can, because sa-mp have done it.
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