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  1. update - 09/06/07 New description, and several new members - website fixed - 24/7 Server on SA-MP :: 24/7 Server on MTA :: Coming soon! -pac
  2. dont spread it, until it's released.
  3. all i need is a clear answer, do we have to pay because i REALLY doubt my parents will let me pay to download it.
  4. you've gotto be joking? do we seriously have to pay 6$?? please tell me i read it wrong
  5. I was thinking, instead of booting another .exe why not add the option in single player so you can hop between multiplayer and single player?
  6. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IRC: mIRC | PJIRC | Webchat Website: The CIA are strictly professional and highly skilled. We recruit people who look good in-game and test them for one week. Those who fail to meet expectations will get fired immediately! We are an active clan and usually only play on GTA-T servers. We want to keep the member list small but skilled so you must have a recent respect of 2000 to be accepted into the CIA officially as Full-member. Common Servers [CIA] ~Street£ife~ by *GiuliA* [LS] GTA:Tournament :: [sF] GTA:Tournament :: Mr.Elusive's Home Server= ([DYNAMIC IP] Hosted At 15:00 17:00 {GMT+02:00} As Official CIA Server) History: CIA was founded at the start of sa-mp, after i had started to play at gtat. Pacwarz and $eb were the founders and a secure memberlist has since been established. We always play at GTA:Tournament Servers and always will! We have recruted most of the SA-MP wonder players and best of the best players, and at the top for many months. Most times CIA conquered Los Santos (LS) and San Fierro (SF) and not going to give up. We know the new generation of players are getting even stronger, and other proffessionals are lurking at many servers, but CIA Clan is the king of GTA-T. Purpose: CIAs main purposes are always staying at the top, taking more terrorities at GTA-T servers, controlling the business and keeping memberlist small with proffessional players. How Players Can Play: Intelligent, skilled, with good english knowledge and trustable players can join us. It is really no matter who are you, where are you from or whatever. -If we find a cheater in our clan, he or she will be kicked from clan and will be reported to GMs. Recruitment Requirements: -------------------------------------------- *Speak English Well *Be An Active Player *Be A Skilled Player *Have fun and dont flame *Do Not Cheat-Hack Or bug abuse too much *Have A Positive And Good Ratio Our Clan Rules: -------------------------------------------- *New Recruits Have 1 Week To Gain Membership Respect Score Of 1000 *You must ALWAYS wear you [CIA] Clan Tag. *Stay Intelligent, Do Not Attack Someone Powerful Than You. *Listen To Commands Of Leaders/High Ranked Members. *Minor BugUsing is allowed, If You Dont Exaggerate It. Promoting Requirements: -------------------------------------------- *After 1000 Recent Respect CIA will make you a member *After 2000 Recent Respect+Good Teamwork+Loyal Gameplay CIA will make you a Full-Member *After Good Recent Respect+Excellent Teamwork+Consistent Loyal Gameplay+Activity and CIA will make you CO-Leader Demoting Reasons: -------------------------------------------- *Un-Activity *Recent Respect Always Goes Low *Bad Teamwork *Opossing Commands Without Reason *Disrespecting Leaders/Other Members Kicking Reasons: -------------------------------------------- *Member is inactive for 1 month without reporting. *Member is inactive for longer than 2 months, unless given permission. *Bad player which disappointed us Why join the CIA? *From this time, it is nearly impossible to "beat" our clan. We have much more respect than 2nd best gang. *Good, the best teamwork. We are nearly invincible if we are working together. *Our clan has the best GTA-T masters. If you join, you will become a proffessional quickly. *Any possible money/cash support will be given to trusted players at GTA-T servers by Mr.Elusive and pacwarz. *We do not overbid gang mates at businesses. *Gang mates can get anything from our businesses for free. *Loyal members will be trained with things like sawn off shotguns, M4, running and some allowed fighting tricks like quick killing. *We have a website. *We have a 24/7 training server. Members: -[CIA]pacwarz -[CIA]$eb -[CIA]Darkshadow -[CIA]Mr.Elusive -[CIA]KorL -[CIA]MasterK/Shotgun -[CIA]wantoo -[CIA]Phoenix07 -[CIA]Chazzlet -[CIA]Yosh -[CIA]_NecroM_ -[CIA]Donutman -[CIA]WatchMe +All the members of the Italian faction, still need to get a memberlist. *Credits to Mr.Elusive & pacwarz-Will be updated.
  7. well you can, because sa-mp have done it.