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  1. Cant find the Mod?? its here!! http://rapidshare.com/files/142500782/M ... 5.zip.html
  2. Sorry guys the CSS isnt Intalizing right.. ill fix it soon
  3. Ok.. Well give me ideas.. I will see that it Happens At this moment.. i am just running off Players and Others ideas So.. Got an Idea. tell me
  4. ok its not paid hosting... But i do belive the server is either slowed down big time...
  5. its more Organised.. you got MTA race MTA DM And MTAVC in the same topic... I will be updating it with the realeases and Scripts that players have released that are good
  6. ok i have finished the MTA Scripting Website.. its MUCH more neater than here, you can access Scripts find scripts easier than here http://www.mtascripting.co.nr i am in the process of buying an actuall domain so bare with me i hope you enjoy it
  7. lol script editor.. na guys With the Kaboom on water.. i dunno the excact thing but ifvehiclecontact Wat setvehiclehealth 0 dunno
  8. how about if the suspect... Runs... hides... and if he is found within a time limit.. his running again.. but he cant be in a car.. and the cops have easily got access to shoot and kill
  9. lol have Dodo's killing each other... it will just Wipe the race out again
  10. I was told that this was done lol .. (unof update) yea i recon just a 0.6 MTA.. it wont take you long.. just update the MTA 0.5 Version or something
  11. watti

    MTAServer Compatibility

    Windows.. 2003 i dont know much bout the differences.. but Considering... most games have only Windows servers so
  12. Argonath RPG http://www.argonathrpg.com 4 members (2 of the Co-Owners of the server 2 members) Are creating the MTA SA RPG Server I wanna see what both servers can do
  13. It Just says Invalid Serial number. Reinstall MTA
  14. watti

    Help, Can u fix

    Toady is it fixed ( i havnt checkked)
  15. watti

    Help, Can u fix

    can any one test and Fix this.. please.. im realy busy on *:SIGNAL:mta.command:{ if ($mta.admin+($1) == $true) { if (!cop* iswm $3) { var %a = 0,%b = $null while (%a <= $mta.maxplayers($1)) { if (Cop* iswm $mta.skin($1,%a).name) { var %b = $+(%b,$mta.name($1,%a),$chr(32)) } inc %a } mta.say $1 Cops: $iif(%b,%b,None) } elseif (!suspect == $3) { if (Cop* iswm $mta.skin($1,$2).name) { if ($mta.getid($1,$4) != -1) { set $+(%rpg.suspects,.,$1) $addtok($+(%rpg.suspects,.,$1),$mta.name($1,$mt
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