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  1. watti

    MTAVC 0.5 Download

    Cant find the Mod?? its here!! http://rapidshare.com/files/142500782/M ... 5.zip.html
  2. watti

    MTA Scripting Website

    Sorry guys the CSS isnt Intalizing right.. ill fix it soon
  3. watti

    MTA Scripting Website

    Ok.. Well give me ideas.. I will see that it Happens At this moment.. i am just running off Players and Others ideas So.. Got an Idea. tell me
  4. watti

    MTA Scripting Website

    ok its not paid hosting... But i do belive the server is either slowed down big time...
  5. watti

    MTA Scripting Website

    its more Organised.. you got MTA race MTA DM And MTAVC in the same topic... I will be updating it with the realeases and Scripts that players have released that are good
  6. watti

    MTA Scripting Website

    ok i have finished the MTA Scripting Website.. its MUCH more neater than here, you can access Scripts find scripts easier than here http://www.mtascripting.co.nr i am in the process of buying an actuall domain so bare with me i hope you enjoy it
  7. watti

    Technic's ideas

    lol script editor.. na guys With the Kaboom on water.. i dunno the excact thing but ifvehiclecontact Wat setvehiclehealth 0 dunno
  8. how about if the suspect... Runs... hides... and if he is found within a time limit.. his running again.. but he cant be in a car.. and the cops have easily got access to shoot and kill
  9. watti

    DODO DUEL! (but for SA)

    lol have Dodo's killing each other... it will just Wipe the race out again
  10. watti

    chance of an update for MTA VC?

    I was told that this was done lol .. (unof update) yea i recon just a 0.6 MTA.. it wont take you long.. just update the MTA 0.5 Version or something
  11. watti

    MTAServer Compatibility

    Windows.. 2003 i dont know much bout the differences.. but Considering... most games have only Windows servers so
  12. Argonath RPG http://www.argonathrpg.com 4 members (2 of the Co-Owners of the server 2 members) Are creating the MTA SA RPG Server I wanna see what both servers can do
  13. watti

    Cant Start client

    It Just says Invalid Serial number. Reinstall MTA
  14. watti

    Help, Can u fix

    Toady is it fixed ( i havnt checkked)
  15. watti

    Help, Can u fix

    can any one test and Fix this.. please.. im realy busy on *:SIGNAL:mta.command:{ if ($mta.admin+($1) == $true) { if (!cop* iswm $3) { var %a = 0,%b = $null while (%a <= $mta.maxplayers($1)) { if (Cop* iswm $mta.skin($1,%a).name) { var %b = $+(%b,$mta.name($1,%a),$chr(32)) } inc %a } mta.say $1 Cops: $iif(%b,%b,None) } elseif (!suspect == $3) { if (Cop* iswm $mta.skin($1,$2).name) { if ($mta.getid($1,$4) != -1) { set $+(%rpg.suspects,.,$1) $addtok($+(%rpg.suspects,.,$1),$mta.name($1,$mta.findid($1,$4)),32) mta.say $1 $mta.name($1,$mta.findid($1,$4)) has been Suspected For $iif($5,$5,None) } else mta.msg $1 Invalid ID/Name } else mta.msg $1 $2 your not a cop, To use this command Become a cop. } elseif (!wanted == $3) { if ($numtok($+(%rpg.suspects,.,$1),32) > 9) { mta.say $1 Wanted players: $iif($+(%rpg.suspects,.,$1),$+(%rpg.suspects,.,$1),None) } elseif ($numtok($+(%rpg.suspects,.,$1),32) > 19) { mta.say $1 Wanted players: $gettok($+(%rpg.suspects,.,$1),1-8,32) !.timer 1 1 $gettok($+(%rpg.suspects,.,$1),9-18,32) } else { mta.say $1 Wanted players: $gettok($+(%rpg.suspects,.,$1),1-8,32) !.timer 1 1 $gettok($+(%rpg.suspects,.,$1),9-18,32) !.timer 1 2 $gettok($+(%rpg.suspects,.,$1),19-,32) } } } } on *:SIGNAL:mta.kill:{ if ($findtok($+(%rpg.suspects,.,$1),$mta.name($1,$2),1,32)) { mta.name $1 $3 Killed a wanted player set $+(%rpg.suspects,.,$1) $remtok($+(%rpg.suspects,.,$1),$mta.name($1,$2),1,32) } }