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  1. People will take more advantage of MTA when it's finally released. Features are still being added, and the DM map editor hasn't even been released yet. You can't expect a painted canvas without the paint.
  2. If you haven't played MTA:DM and GTAIV multiplayer, then you're not qualified to say which is better/more fun to play/or whatever. Dan Houser said the console versions WILL have multiplayer. Since there has been no mention over a PC version, I don't know why everyone is getting so worked up. I have no rift with MTA and have been waiting and supporting it since Blue was announced, but you shouldn't judge it based on how other multiplayer platforms perform (cough) SA-MP (cough). At least they have released something, you know? That's more than MTA devs can say at the moment.
  3. GTAIV will have multiplayer, that's been confirmed several times. I love how you're making broad statements of preference for multiplayer platforms you've never played. To be quite honest, you're not in a position to do so until you've played both (or even just MTA, haha).
  4. They're actually very close Okay, that works too.
  5. Open betas are a long way away. I doubt anything has been absolutely "decided" yet.
  6. Yeah, oh didn't you hear? What a noob =P Download it here.
  7. I assume you've played MTA:SA:DM, then, right? For the record, another multiplayer mod just held its second beta for a second release in the same 30-day period. I would call that an "update." I'm looking forward to MTA:SA:DM, but it seems like there are problems finding the right balance between development time and features. Too much of either is bad.
  8. Manej

    Idea for Mta:DM map :P

    Zion, see that big red X at the top, right-hand corner on the screen? If you click it, it downloads MTA:SA:DM to your desktop.
  9. I spend most holidays, including my birthday, on mi computadora. But don't worry, I have no interest of MTA being released on my birthday =P
  10. Manej


    And please don't post just to get your count up.
  11. Manej

    Why is there no one on?

    The calm before the storm. Or some other highly mythological, deep, reflective literary answer.
  12. Spamming for your topic is a no-no. I think everyone has toyed with this idea at some point, but doesn't the real fun come in sculpting your own map, instead of reproducing what is already here?
  13. You can do this on your own server. It will be possible with the map builder and the new ability to distribute textures. Of course, load time would be in the area of years.
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