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  1. What do you think about this?


    I need some feedback on what you think about what it looks like, and if you'd like to see any changes etc, please post your suggestions.

    Also, after i finish the main work that i have to do, i will have a word with the two beta testers that i will have chosen by then.

    I like the look of that. Alot better than the default vG look everyone seems to use. Id like to see it just a little bigger.

  2. Hello, I have already scripted a basic RPG server with high quality login/register gui with option to reset password to email address given when registered, a very well scripted legal system, a fully loaded vehicle system (with a few bugs) from managing vehicles on the .map from car lights, locks, engine ect. A well developed job system complete with jobs/factions such as police, mechanic, EMT, truck driver, taxi, limo, firefighter, member of mafia, gangs, con artists, and many more. However I am stuck on bugs and still continuing my script to fullest detail (including fully gui scripted menus for custom scripted shops and such) however I do not understand how I could create an inventory menu and various other options I would like to offer my server's players. If an advanced script writer could help me figure it out or perhaps script the wanted scripts I will offer admin rights in the server as well as credits for the server, a copy of the completed script and optional web-hosting off my website. I look forward to any replies/scripts and thank you to all of you who contribute!

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