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  1. I only see race mode servers.. are their any good death match servers? Plus the master server list in the MTA client doesnt list all of its servers...
  2. Hey all, I've been wanting to script or make mods in GTA for a while and i was wondering where i could start. I want to start making map missions. Like starting off small then working my way up to the bigger things. If anyone could point me in the direction of the Coding path i'd be thankful.
  3. Well, usually since this game is so old. Nobody really hosts GTA3 servers anymore. but only 1 does. try searching for the name "GTA FunServer" Its the only living and breathing GTA3 server.
  4. Okay, i clicked "Script Editor" in MIRC. But it says it could not connect or something i dont know but is this what im suppose to be doing? i'd appreciate it if someone could direct me.
  5. Can someone explain to me what this is? and where can i get it
  6. Thanks for the help everyone. I portforwarded the port 4003 and made it UDP. Now it runs. But i was wondering how do i get the commands working? like !sun or !commands. things like that.
  7. Your right bro. 0.5 Server. well someone said i might need a patch http://www.multitheftauto.com/mta05/download.php#server_sp1_download so im going to check that out. thanks for the help ill check it out
  8. Okay i got it to bring up my server but it still wont let me connect MTA:MA
  9. Well lol, wtf because i dont think i set up a admin connection and i dont know about the server patch. It did tell me to download something and i did do that but..how do i set up the admin connectionn and where do i find the patch?
  10. yeh well i have a router so what port does mtama need open? and also when i try 2003 port (which is the port people connect to for me) it just disconnects and doesnt work. * Connecting to (Normal) * Disconnected: Timed out. * Send: 21B | Recieved: 0B | Time: 10secs And also im trying to connect to MY own server..
  11. I know this is kind of a dumb question but what is the client port? when using mtama?
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