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  1. if that is the case, then will u guys focus entirely on SA even after 4 is released?
  2. eeliottheking

    Whats next?

    just wonderin, but what r u guys gonna do with mta after DM is realeased? I suggest you guys keep releasing different game types, but thats just me...
  3. you can find both those scripts at this wonderfull location right here!
  4. i like this script too, may i use it? also. if i wanted to make another script that works with it so that is someone types !stats it will display the message then what would i do. this is what i have on *:SIGNAL:mta.join: { if ($3 == !stats) { if ($readini($scriptdir $+ points.ini,POINTS,$mta.ip($1,$2)) => 0 && $readini($scriptdir $+ points.ini,POINTS,$mta.ip($1,$2)) =< 49) { $mta.text $1 $mta.nick($1,$2) is a n00b. } elseif ($readini($scriptdir $+ points.ini,POINTS,$mta.ip($1,$2)) => 100 && $readini($scriptdir $+ points.ini,POINTS,$mta.ip($1,$2)) =<
  5. How did you solved the problem anyway? Many other servers show that behavior and it would be interesting if anyone had an insight of what is going wrong i cut down on my map count and reset my map data
  6. dont worry i only have 40 maps now
  7. eeliottheking


    i want to make a script so that when some1 types !map it display Current map is (map name) have no idea what the code so that mta can pull the map name is though. this will be for san andreas all i know is it will start with on *:SIGNAL:mta.command: { if ($3 == !map) mta.text $1 Current map is ? } anyone want to help a newb?
  8. alright i will say what game it is next time. the only thing i wanted this to do is make an anouncement to other players so some 1 could put a bounty on some 1 else and this script doesnt work, i get no error messages in MTAmA or in mIRC. i get no messages what so every. i am using san andreas btw.
  9. eeliottheking


    on *:SIGNAL:mta.command: { if ($3 == !bounty) mta.text $1 $mta.nick($1,$2) Has placed a bounty on $iif($4, $4-)'s head. $iif($4, Reward: $4-) } i want it to make it so when some one types this it will display, (name) has placed a bounty on (other name)'s head. Reward: (bounty)
  10. i really have no ide what i am doing, but im trying to make a script so that when someone types !joke it will display a random joke out of a text file called joke.txt i suck ok and this is what i have, so please tell me whats wrong with it. on *:SIGNAL:mta.command: { alias joke.rules if ($3 == !joke) mta.text $1 $read($scriptdir $+ joke.txt,$rand(0,$lines($scriptdir $+ joke.txt))) } :note: the only thing i have read is other scripts located in the add on section that could possibly help me wth this.
  11. !setping off wow now i feel really stupid if it was that simple. thnx for the help.
  12. sry to double post but i fixed the above problem. but i have another problem. how do u turn on max ping in GUS? and how do u set it?
  13. k i have another problem, when ever it loads a map it displays the wrong information. this is a recent development. it has not done this the entire time ive had it, i tried re-installing gus and i still have the same problem. [12:35] * Startrace: Success to start race "loop crazy". [12:35] Kenji-death - Top Time: N/A - By: N/A - Deathlimit: None - Played: 1/2 times (50%)
  14. hi i have a problem with the !setdeathlimit and i have read and i understand that u can only use the script when you are on that map, however, i always get the "No Map Found" message. what can i do?
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