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  1. As if they'd be here coding like lamers to get it out for us geeks and not be out drinking/parting with friends/girlfriends or wife’s or what ever they have. (Or even boyfriends? Naa, female coder, sif. (jking)) /me looks through Blokker's and MrBumps window only to see them working on code... Erm yeah... err ha... AHEM... Happy New Year all and it's amazing to see that so many people from different countries are interested in this project! Great work on mta still.
  2. Yeah I'll be in it; is there a closing date for entries? Also do you want it to be of GTA3:MTA or MTA:VC or both?
  3. Depending on how good a script kiddie if it originated from a traceable source (original originator) and that origin's IP some how managed to be posted that certain script kiddie might have some problems caused by a large mta user base... *Ahem* If you know what I mean. I doubt no website would ever stop the mta project.
  4. ...San Andreas. Myself and several others noticed awhile ago that they registered the website domain, so I guess in effect we've known that this would be the next version for awhile. Though it's great to hear that it's going ahead!
  5. Lol... Anyway, what about that idea of having everything client side. Peds throw to players. That would wipe out small servers of people not on 1mbit connections but it would be a lot faster and LAN friendly? -eps-
  6. You didn't look at all. This post was directly below yours and at the time of you starting this one would have been the first thread up. -eps-
  7. Looks like that hasn't been updated in a long time! Just a point on the progress, any chance of it being kept roughly up to date? ...And not go backwards like last time... -eps-
  8. Hmm, Loads faster Looks more formal Don't have to wait until the background loaded to see any of the text Quicker and easy layout It's got my vote. -eps-
  9. I'm uploading my latest lot of picts, enjoy. (I like the one with the bazooka scope and the chopper coming around the corner.) Click Here! (Click new picts.) I like my tux better, he's drinking cola. And I like the forums way better now. Loads better too. -eps-
  10. Odd how your being so mean to this guy, I read the manual and followed it. I had to uninstall gta3 so I followed the steps in the man and continued, reinstalled gta3 and then mta (by the man) and played. Very fun. Two days later I decided to see if I could play SP so I went to the launcher, same screen as that guy showed you and then I started from the icon in the root folder and same again. But meh, I'll fix it sometime soon. (If it doesn't work after that I'll start getting annoyed. ) Anyway thing is don’t be so mean to people when it could be a fault with the program. (Yes I know it’
  11. You can have cops, but they only see you and only attack you so it’s not as fun. (Use the cheat or blow up peds near mafia mansion.) As for Xerox, I was under the impression that 3 was E? Having known "net-English" for six years now I would be very annoyed if some one went and changed it without telling me! Also petebog is 100% correct, Wo33eR even in your post defending your English your use of it is disgusting. One simple (compound) word explains it. Try-Hard. (I wanted to say it was sh*t but that would be mean.) -eps-
  12. Funny that? I never have a problem killing other people; the tank just rolls right over them and their dead! ^^ hehe. Yeah I found a way to raise your wanted level without the cheat, lob an rpg into the group on the roof next to the mafia mansion. Though if you fire too many the game gets errors. Any way you can get the sweetest stuff as the wanted levels go up. I have some screens of me smashing others when they only have crappy cars and I have the police truck. Also you have to watch it at those blockades, the peds still have ai. (Eg they can blow the crap out of you!) -eps-
  13. Well I'm all for anything that will get in game chat going. Just for anyone that cared the idea that was bouncing around the irc channel the other night is dead, hit by a flying shovel because it would have been too hard without the source code. (And even then it would have been hard.) -eps-
  14. "Another player with the same ip tried to join." I don't believe that is the problem. I have my network so that I run the dedicated server from here and forward the ports to this computer, the result; when I join I get that msg, when others from the net join it loops that msg about 20 times but still works. The game runs fine. Now all of those people that are joining from the net, to the game appear to be all on the same computer. (The one forwarding the ports.) Also I have run it so that another pc on the network runs the ded and the ports are forwarded to it, I join and then others fro
  15. Well these are just some ones from the new version. If you want you can put them on the main site under screen shots. Click! What do you think? I'll add more to that site later. Enjoy.
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