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  1. Bearz

    SA.SIA agency

    Where i can sign up?
  2. Bearz


    Somebody should code Parachute with Lua.
  3. Go ask those questions to GtaForums.. This Place is for lua.. not for scm
  4. 3.. Some stunts were crap but there was some little nice bumps..
  5. Nah.. The center is again online when mta:dm is released.
  6. Thats great maps but there is lots of bugs.. Good work! Fix those bugs.
  7. maybe like Zombie mod for CS:S.....There spawn 2 teams zombies and men. zombies have only a knife, others have whatever they like/can buy. u can stop zombie only if u shoot it in head if i remember good. if u turn ur back at it....it runs faster. and it has health upgrades so for mta:dm i suggest this: 1 guy is zombie, he chases others on a small area, if u turn ur back at him he run faster, all energy he takes from u, he gets it, so he is more powerfull, he has some health upgrade. when he kills some1, that guy turns to zombie too, and so on, until every1 is zombie. but there should be some
  8. Mm? How this thing works? Where i need put it?
  9. The drugged effect gonna be good for RPG servers, if you "take drugs."
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