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  1. Elo, Im looking into mIRC scripting a bit I would appreciate it if you guys could help a bit , like explain me some commands, Like WTF is %a and all that shit. I know !writeini and $readini good enough to let them work , but thats about all of it Thanks, [XE]StormaX
  2. Hehe , your match script pwnz and i can understand why u wont give it out , but i quess ppl need a match script
  3. Hello, I am searching for a match script , not a large one , just 1 that kicks when ppl try to join when match is going. and smt like !score, tells the score ect.. Just smt small, if that is small But please somebody ( Toady! ) post smt u made here. Me and probly other ppl will be very grathfull , Thanks. [XE]StormaX
  4. Westcoast you said you coudnt script.
  5. be happy with what u get .
  6. Lets break the place down, ill take Eshef first
  7. Names: Michel,Daniel Online Names: [XE]StormaX, =BS=Rohane Tag: WG Meaning: Watsgeburt Info: we pwn all jk
  8. I dont think its a XE clan member. Im also a XE clan member. And i dont see the point why a XE clan member wants to crash his own server I dont see the point in crashing servers. Prolly some sich freak who has no life. Or someone who is jalous cause our server is populated and we have a good leaded clan.And 100% Custom script. Believe me , no XE clan member would ever do something of this kind.
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