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  1. i got it working =>, all i had to do was get rid of my no-disc patch, now mods work perfectly =>
  2. i'm trying to find out what version of GTA:SA i have, when i look at the readme it says v1.00, does this mean i have version 1 of the game, i only bought it reacenty, and im in australia, also, if this v1.00, y cant i play with mods?
  3. hi, ive seen maps where people spawn as different vehicles, like on the "24/7 cops and robbers" server, where you either spawn as a cop or a civillian car, how do you do that?
  4. DeaD


    soz man, i accidently clicked submit 3 times cause my i-net was lagging for like 3secs
  5. DeaD


    aye waffen! that sucks man, havin the skycrane would be awesome, then we could trasport vehicles easyer than our original plan
  6. kool, that good, thx man
  7. o-i-c, so when i place like a carrier in the sea for a race, it wont be there in free roam, damn
  8. so, when i put objects in the ocean in a race, they will be there when in playing the game?
  9. thx, but that still doesnt answer how ppl got to locations in the middle of nowhere ie: an island
  10. hi, im new, and i have seen screenshots of like islands in the middle of nowhere and i dont know how to create them, i have looked at the map creator manual, but that was race stuff. PLZ HELP ME
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