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  1. If MTA:mA is connected to the Ruby script, you should see a new MTAServer+ message every time a new map starts, e.g. * MTAServer+ Map started: Too Easy This message will always show a map name, even if it's a lost map.
  2. Cygnus

    Center MTA:SA

    Thanks for bringing back the map center AlienX However, the "upload" and "rss feeds" links still don't work.
  3. You can use the ATI Catalyst Control Center to increase brightness (it's in the Color section). If you create a separate profile with the increased brightness, you can turn it on and off very easily (by right-clicking the ATI tray icon). I have an x1600 too and that's how I do it.
  4. I have made a workaround for this problem, maybe you should give it a try: viewtopic.php?t=19281 Please note that my workaround only gives you the current map name and not the whole list of maps on the server, so commands like !maps will still be broken. It will also require some adjustments to PRS and possibly other scripts for MTA that are running. Just let me know if you need more help. To the moderators: maybe the topic for my workaround could be stickied? People seem to be asking about the unknown maps-problem quite frequently.
  5. I can't help you with the Races list updater, but maybe you want to try my own workaround for unknown maps: viewtopic.php?t=19281
  6. No, the workaround only sends the name of the new map on every mapchange, through TCP. I highly doubt that the FTP maplist retrieval will be a solution for this. Sure, you will have a nice and complete list of all the maps on the server, but you still won't have any map id's. And it's exactly these id's that you need, for example, to change the map. The mta.startrace command only takes map id's, there's no way to send a command to the server like "start race named Smash", you can only send commands like "start race with id 45". This means that the only way to start an unknown map, is to enter
  7. Well, I didn't think about PRS already having a !map command, but nothing prevents you to change it to something like !tellmethecurrentmapname, it can quickly be changed in the script itself. If you want to have the whole maplist then I'm afraid my workaround won't do it for you; all it does is giving you the current mapname, but with a guarantee that it's not gonna be "Unknown".
  8. Sure, of course you can also create your own script that uses my workaround. For example, the following script will show a message whenever a new map starts, and will show the current map when someone types !map: on *:SIGNAL:mtaplus.startrace:{ mta.text $1 Race started: $2- } on *:SIGNAL:mta.command:{ if ($3 == !map) { mta.text $1 Current race: $mtaplus.currentrace($1) } }
  9. I can't really help you with adjusting scripts to make them use the mtaplus* identifiers/events instead of the standard mta* ones. I have zero experience with big all-in-one scripts like PRS or GUS, and it could be a lot of work, for which I currently don't have the time. Maybe you can kindly ask Scooby to do it for you, or anyone else good at scripting. However, in general, it should come down to replacing every instance of "$mta.race($1)" with "$mtaplus.currentrace($1)" in the script, and every "SIGNAL:mta.startrace" with "SIGNAL:mtaplus.startrace". The code handling the startrace-signal w
  10. Hi, you might want to take a look at a workaround I wrote a while ago for this infamous 'unknown maps'-problem: viewtopic.php?t=19281 We have been using it for about 7 months now on littlewhitey's MTA:SA server with more than 900 maps and we never see an unknown map anymore. Greets Cygnus
  11. As most of you have probably noticed by now, there's an annoying bug in MTA's remote admin protocol that prevents the whole map list from being sent to MTA:mA, resulting in so-called 'lost maps'. This is mainly because MTA uses the UDP protocol and packets are getting lost, but I found out that with a lot of maps (more than 500 or so), MTA just stops sending mapnames at one point, even on a local connection, so it wouldn't surprise me that this is a bug in the MTA server. I got so annoyed by this that I decided to make a workaround, completely unrelated to the remote admin protocol, that doe
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