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  1. Too bad there aren’t driving sensitivities and camera sensitivities, it still handles just like a keyboard.
  2. I can no longer swim anymore, I restarted MTA, reset default controls etc. My character is glued to the water and the only way out is to get killed or disconnect.
  3. It makes you wonder if MTA will even be released before the delay. No new videos or info in a while... and we have been wait for... how many years and months? A lot of people have lost interest in MTA, I only check for updates once a week, if that. This is one of the rare occasions I actually go on the forums. All I can say is, the MTA teams is damn lucky gta IV was delayed, or else 75% of everyone wouldn't give a $#!@.
  4. On the topic of the shield, is should not be big enough to protect your entire head, at least half of your head should be exposed in the front. Also, would it be possible to make it so that the shield breaks after like 15 shots?
  5. I've been waiting patiently for Dm about a month after MTA Race was out. I am a patient man, but even my patients has it's limits. I just can't leave it to you any longer. I'll do the fighting! You can just go home!
  6. At the end of a game mode there should be a level select screen thats lets you see a screen shot of the level. I hate how sometimes you think a map will be good when you vote for it but it turns out to be a hay bale fall map. In addition to this there should be a way for the host to make a list of maps to play to avoid people selecting the same map over and over again.
  7. And thats why there are hardly any suggestions nowadays. I can't remember a suggestion thats wasn't possible.
  8. It was more of a guess, however if you haven’t noticed look at the MTA news, no update, no new tutorials in about a month. That could mean only three things. 1. They are working hard on MTA right now trying to release it to the public and haven’t had time to update the site. 2. They just haven’t updated in a long time for no reason. 3. They abandoned the project (doubtful)
  9. I predict that MTA:DM will be released next week! (no joke)
  10. I agree, almost every day I play MTA I see someone flying/health hacking. and when there is no admins/votekick in some servers then I just have to leave because I get so pissed off by it. (which is why I never played SA:MP because of things like this.
  11. I'm loving how nicely synced those animations are!
  12. Best News I've heard all day! Its Damn amazing what MTA is capable of
  13. You are not thinking outside the box. anyway, this is one fu*king old topic.
  14. This is a MUST HAVE, for my Titanic map that is all interior it would piss everyone off in its current state because of the camera.
  15. Thats what I thought at first, I was just not shure if it was possible or would work for particles, etc. Only time will tell I guess.
  16. What I meant by drowned was when players run out of oxygen and, well, drowned. The players who were to slow to reach higher levels will run out of oxygen. The pickups that I wanted in there are health pickups or maybe some other things that MTA will support. and again moving those would be hard, I would have to make a script to move hundreds of objects, that would make for a long script. The water is only one thing, that’s why I would prefer moving it instead.
  17. I just found while looking around on Youtube.To do this all you need to do is place object #2918 and hit it at full speed with the FBI Truck (this wont work with any other vehicles that I can find). Just watch this vid, its just hilarious
  18. If I moved everything down that would mean making a script that would move hundreds of objects and particle effects and pickups. Also spawn points. Maybe even some other crap.
  19. Ok, First of all I know this has been suggested before but before anyone stops reading let me make a point; no one has given a good reason why changing the water levels is a good idea. Well, here is my Idea for changing water levels to be an amazing and unique game mode for the upcoming MTA DM. First suggestion: The water level should be an option under the Death match settings along with time, weather etc. Also wave height would be a good option to like in Edisoncarter’s wave modifier. And yes I realize that the water height and wave height would need to be synced. Second suggestion: To be able to have the water rise up as the game time progresses. This would require a script however (can’t be too hard if its possible, It would be a lot easier than having to script every map object a lower to create a flood effect. Why I would like this: Because, I am planning to make a map that will be like a modern day Titanic, and the last player to drowned is the winner. In the beginning players will franticly try to find their way up to higher levels (the ship will be submerged in about 10 minuets) (and ship will consist of a bunch of connected ship hallways and all exits form the ship will be closed off.) All of the players will spawn in the lowest level of the ship, the engine room, around them is raising water ad several leaks in the hull (the waterfall obj). Above them will be short-circuiting lights (I’m planning on using the bullet spark effect for that), on the players way up they will come across several gates blocking their path ( I may make the gates alternate every once in a while to create further panic via a script.) I have already made some of the ship in MTA race is looks good so far. I just want the water level to raise to create this flooding game mode!
  20. I was just wondering if any of the maps that are made now in MTA:race will be compatible with DM. which brings another question to my mind, will we still be able to make normal Races (like not being able to get out of the vehicle and collecting checkpoints.)
  21. I meant the "pirates in the men’s pants" boat that was "swaying in the ocean" anyway, good to know that a player did not have to control the boat movements, lol.
  22. Is there any possiblity of having a script move objects instantly. Like make a script for a boat to move without any player input?