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  1. not if you used removed the handling code first, or do like me, and make sure you have a STOCK copy of SA around, so you can simply copy a file over and back to stock. As in, whoops, I modified the handling, and forgot. No worries, just copy the handling file over and back to normal.
  2. it is possible to use modded cars. Server does not pick it up as a hack/cheat. Just be aware that too many will cuase lag and roads not loading (on maps/races where custom roads are built over water).
  3. we (in our server) call this being timed out. What it really is is a synh error. You desynch with the server, dropped packets whatever it is. If you notice people just driving in circles, chat not working, cps not registering (if the map is a race) then you are desynched. If you notice it, don't wait and see if it'll resync, it won't. Just disconnect and reconnect to the server. It's a common problem, but not something that really bothers me. It happens.
  4. meaning a map could have custom cars in a map. As in a Ford F-150 instead of the Yosemite? Meaning, all would see it?
  5. First off, I hope this is the right place. I know there are things going to be with scripting/code. But, will the point and click mapping like we have now be possible, or used? Like to build the map. I don't really know if I could understand how to do the code and all that.
  6. changing a stock car to a custom car should not modify mta. Just make sure you don't edit the handling.cfg file. That one will cause problems if it's not stock.
  7. BigBadBob


    Oh I understand. In the few months before the .1 release of DCon, people were whining and complaining and everything. We want it now!! We don't care if there are a few bugs. So we got a lot of the bugs fixed, but some didn't have time to. And we released. The majority liked it, but there were many who just wanted to complain. I say, pay attention and thank the ones that seem patient. And don't even respond to the ones who think it is taking too long or just want to whine.
  8. BigBadBob


    I'm a tester for a BF2 mod (Desert Conflict) and I can tell you guys that complain: It's damn difficult finding bugs and testing anything and everything that may come up when it goes public. Say you get a test release, test what was changed and find a problem. Then you find that something that changed, created a problem with something that didn't have a problem before. Then the testers have to wait for the devs to fix the problem, then test again. It is a lot of work developing/testing any type of game/mod.
  9. people should have the common sense to change it anyways maybe have an option when installing to set a player name, and make the Next/Ok box be unselectable until they type a name?
  10. BigBadBob


    oh hell no. Impersonating a clan member? Instant and permanent ban.
  11. what about adding an option the menu (while ingame, press Esc) that says Minimize. And when you click it, it'll minimize your game, but will prevent you from respawning and only accessible while you are dead.
  12. most likely just a simple time out, happens quite often sometimes. There are days I'll not have any time outs. Next day, 5 timouts in an hour.
  13. BigBadBob


    i think you cant use MTA with a CD Crack though... because it dosnt recognize the new .exe I don't know about all no-cd cracks, but I have never had a problem with mine. I use a crack because frankly, with the number of dvd's I burn/watch, it's annoying to keep putting the disc in.
  14. Try the stock unmodified handling.cfg file then.
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