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  1. I will add more features in it. this is just something for beginners i will add something like writeini's Hashing etc. im now working for bether Features so im not ready with Script Maker
  2. Ok. The Problem Is Fixed I Forgot To Put 1 File In It Download It At The First Post. Link Refreshed Have Fun WestCoast
  3. Did you try to Copy the files to the Desk Maybe that should work if it doesnt work please post it again
  4. Script Maker 1.0 Made By WestCoast I Made a *Script Maker* For Peoples That Wants To Learn How To Script I Will Add Some More Features This Is Just Version 1.0 So I Hope You Will Like It For The Installation Please Read The *Manual* If There Are Some Errors In It Please MSN Me My MSN Is Dj-Suri@hotmail.com You Can Download It Here http://rapidshare.com/files/685853/Script_Maker.zip
  5. Lol. Sorry Me Again. I Have A Question. In The Script Of Yours You Have The Spawn Script. But I See In Game: WestCoast Spawned As: Unknown I Don't Know Is It Only At Me? Or Is It In The Script? Thnx WestCoast
  6. I Found A BUG The !Constant Doesnt Work Thnx
  7. So can someone help me or not plz? Realy Need Some Help Man. Thnx WestCoast
  8. So Can Anyone Still Help Me Plz I'm Waiting 5 Days For It Lol. I Need Just A Bit Help So Can Someone Plz Help Me Thnx WestCoast
  9. I Found A BUG. maybe i did something wrong but when i do !setlevel it changes my own level not from the guy who i want Thnx WestCoast
  10. Hello. I need a bit help with my drugs script. i made a script that if i type !Drugs it says the drugs what i own that work perfectly but i have a problem with a !buyweed script i want that i want choose how much i want to buy Example: !buyweed 1 to 100 etc. in my script i can only buy 10 Kg of weed. when i buyweed my cash goes to $-10000 i want a pm says: You dont have enough money to buy weed. This is what i wrote: on *:SIGNAL:mta.command: { var %a = $iif($4 == $null,$2,$iif($mta.getid($1,$4) == -1,$2,$v1)) if ($3 = !Buyweed) { if (Ryton Aide !isin $mta.area($1,$2)) mta.
  11. WestCoast

    rich MOTD wdf

    I Need To Know the Best Uploading Site to. It Says The Same At Me The: MTA Server for MTA 0.5 Name: 'The WestCoast Customs RPG+DM' Port: 2003 Game: Lisetening IP: Map: Vice City : Deathmatch Maximum Players: 10 ERROR: Rich MOTD URLs must begin include the initial http://. ###### Server successfully started on port 2003 Press Q to shutdown the server. All Seeing Eye listing enabled. Port 2126 must be accessable from the internet. I Need A Good site Can Someone Help Me Plz.
  12. I Made A Casino Script. But Its Not Working So Good. If I Got $0 Cash And Lose With The Casino. It Goes To: -$2500 Someone Plz Help Me With This. This Is What I Wrote: on *:SIGNAL:mta.command: { if ($3 = !spin) { if ($mta.area($1,$2) == Malibu) { var %a = $rand(1,2) .timer 1 0 mta.say $1 The Wheel Is Spinning ! .timer 1 2 mta.say $1 The Wheel Is Starting To Stop ! .timer 1 3 mta.say $1 The Wheel Stopped ! .timer 1 5 mta.say $1 $iif(%a == 1,$mta.name($1,$2) Won ($5000),$mta.name($1,$2) Lost ($2500)) !writeini MTAScript.ini Cash $mta.name($1,$2) $calc($mta.cash($1,$2
  13. MeanpantheR Your Script Is Nice But I Found 1 Problem. When I Take $2000 From The Bank And Then Do: !Give It Says It Must Be Numbers Without Points. I Did This: !Give SaitekX307 500 PM From Admin: It must be numbers without points This is the problem.
  14. Hi Its Me Again Sorry. Is There A Script That Only The Guy/Girl Who Activates The Alarm He Can Only DeActivate It. And That If Someone Turns The Alarm On (In Car) That He Can DeActivate It (Out The Car) Cuz If I Use !Alarm On And Get In The Car It Slaps Me. Thats Why. I Just Edited The Script With Only 1 Slap. on *:SIGNAL:mta.command: { if ($3 == !alarm) { if (($mta.vehicle($1,$2).name == foot) || ($mta.vehicle($1,$2).name == Unknown)) mta.msg $1 $2 Error - you need to be in a car elseif ($4 == on) { mta.say $1 Car Alarm Activated !writeini " $+ $scriptdir $+
  15. WestCoast


    on *:SIGNAL:mta.command: { if ($3 = !Admins) { mta.say $1 Current Admins: Name, Name } Here You Got Just Rename The Name To The Admins Name. WestCoast
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