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  1. hmmm strange i added all the codes but still aint working with !rpg on http://hard-beats.nl/blaat2.txt
  2. hmm i think i installed it ok here is my gus file http://www.hard-beats.nl/blaat.txt are you sure there's nothing missing..?
  3. * /mta.text: insufficient parameters -
  4. How can i do that explame 1 minute: Play fair. 2 minutes: Join us at blablablabla so i want every minute 1 line is this possible..?
  5. Zomah

    BRB plus Reason

    How to get it like this !brb
  6. Does my PC have to be on 24/7 to run the scripts always..?
  7. Where can i find a betting script..?
  8. Is there anywhere a tutorial for MTA:MA for mirc or something cause i'm complete new and i dont know how to do that.
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