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  1. I have a similar PC with you, and I'm using ASUS 6600GT also (256MB PCI-E). So far I have no problem like this in MTA, but usually this is caused by overheating of your graphic card. Try to open your PC casing while you run it. If it still appears, maybe its some other issues. Thanks Note : Actually your system is not very fast for san andreas, mine is Intel P4 3.2GHz, 1GB RAM (Kingston, but forgot which 'type'). When I play GTA:SA with full graphic settings, it also lags sometimes. Well, now I am waiting for 8600 Ultra (the price seems to be around 200USD). Its a lot better than my 6600GT,
  2. The letters are part of the street sign objects (afaik), the only way to change them would be to change the texture. So you just change your own texture, but for other people, its still the same because they didnt 'download' your texture. Thanks
  3. I hope we can type it, but its impossible. Thanks
  4. Oh, I think this is the MTA:SA R1.1.1 version server. My server is 1 rank lower than yours, but its the #1 in MTA:SA R1.0 server because there are only maximum of 30+ players but in MTA:SA R1.1.1, there are hundreds of players. Thanks PS : Your server rule is more detailed, mine is quite simple but straight to the point Note : My server's forum: http://z6.invisionfree.com/babybelplaza/
  5. Can I know you are using MTA:SA R1.0 or R1.1.1? Which is your server? Thanks PS : I found that some of the 'tips' is the thing that I always tell other people when they give me their map before I upload it to the server
  6. You are really good at making the loops and spirals. I like your Going-down 6. I'm now waiting for you to finish this one Keep it up Thanks
  7. I felt that this looks similar to the bike race in MTA:SA R1.0. Thanks
  8. And the player's car maybe is a caddy and the football players are monster Thanks
  9. limpeh-behsi

    Map Pwnage

    There is a part of the map reminds me of the map series --- 'Going-down'. It looks like not the 'new' idea. Btw, not bad. Thanks
  10. So it can be said as, a gliding weapon Thanks
  11. You like to make the 'crazy' maps Thanks 'crazy' = Maps that needs much time to build, play with some skills, 'jumping' or 'falling'
  12. But for example, I type this: rcon mute player 1 It says no such player/ID, how can I put the for it? Or how can I type a reason for it? If I type this: rcon mute player dont spam It also says no such player So what is the correct way of doing it? Thanks
  13. I don't know is this discussed before, but I wanted to know, can I make 2 types of vehicles when spawn in 1 map? (example: Smuggler's Run) How you make the spawn with heli and car? Thanks
  14. Here's another question, is there any way to mute/kick/ban with reason in MTA:SA R1.0? Also, whats the for? I cannot put the time/reason of mute/kick/ban, or there is the way of doing it, just i don't know? Thanks
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