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  1. Total crap? Splinter cell's engine is derived from unreal and to use something as memory hungry as that on the scale you're suggesting would be folly.
  2. Zantei


    Everyone needs to calm down and pull out a dictionary before posting replies
  3. You needn't concern yourself with hidden viruses or spyware. This mod is held in high regard by many gaming communities and has caught the attention of many a high profile magazine. Given that the current release is unstable and limited in it's operation, it's sole existence is to prove just what you are asking, the mod is indeed an authentic "work in progress endeavour". I was beta testing it (v0.3b) today with 26 people and, as to be expected, there are problems when it's put under so much stress. You seem to have experience with prior GTA titles and so you're no doubt familiar with the ban
  4. That stands to reason but the time taken to perform such feats is immeasurable. Their team better have exceptional tolerance when it comes to down patience.
  5. It's all weird For me it was like this, Excited guy (Redspike) shows up, with bad english, and starts screaming that he's an official dedicated server for MTA in everyone's face and keeps telling people that he is someone important, yeah that's great. He's then made a moderator ;P . He goes on to say he's going to glue together the cities or something =) It's a little too ambitious if you ask me. I hope I'm proven wrong mind.
  6. .-.. --- --- -.- --- ..- - -... . .... .. -. -.. -.-- --- ..-!!!
  7. The development of extra game types does not inhibit the construction process of the core mod. You are woefully ill informed it seems from your absurd requests. Releasing the mod as it is now would only be to the detriment of this community once a competitor releases a more stable version. That and the time it takes to compile a release candidate would only delay a more complete version in the future. It is widely known throughout this community how the initial release has affected the fan-base and the team aren't in a hurry to repeat past mistakes. If anything your request is based on selfis
  8. MTA:VC to me seems to be the more distinctive of choices. If both mods are going to be hosted on the same site it might be an idea to keep the standardization in naming so as to avoid confusion in the fan base that resides not only within the site but outisde too.
  9. It doesn't bother me in that sense MrBill, I was given the opportunity to become a moderator but I declined. I'll admit that I'm very shocked you ever became a moderator, it's done nothing but harm for the community. You seem to think you can justify your actions in the name of fun which only goes to show how immature you are and the fact that you edit posts to instill tension after a thread is locked says even worst for your character. Maybe you don't realise the damage you've caused but the least you can do is make amends. You've driven away many potential posters and fans who were ready to
  10. You're perfectly right, I know I sound like a know it all but rest assured my intentions are pure. I haven't left any feedback relating directly to the gameplay mechanics, very odd for me. Given time I'll post my contribution but I want to take this opportunity to apologize for being so presumptuous in my dialogue. It's driven by me being a witness to many a community relations tragedy and really wanting to offer some constructive criticism that won't be overlooked. The team, including yourself, are very unique in that sense, you do accept criticism from your members and won't refute arguments
  11. You make it sound as though the only reason you have for forums is to hear praise. Maybe I misinterpreted everything you said but it sounds very much as though you've made the fans out to be something of a scapegoat for the general unrest that exists on these boards. This last paragraph seems to contradict your entire message. As for this forum community, it will die, it's doomed to a complete change of theme after the release of the "finished product". The people who post during the development of a title make up the minority of the player-base after release but are also the most enthusiati
  12. MrBill, you close threads in an endeavour to keep the peace but the way you closed some of yours negates the entire concept of moderating... http://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtop ... highlight=
  13. Since there's so little media and mostly coding I doubt you'd have to worry very much about the download size of the finished product. That is unless the team undergoes a radical change in their objective.
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