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  1. I noticed, although it is afterall a fault of there own and not of mta. Personally, I believe as long as a server is properly managed to accomodate such problems theres nothing stopping it from becoming a success. Yes however I believe there are two different types of players. (in general) There are the types that stick to a certain server, kind of a player base dedicated to the one server. And there are those (like me) affectionately refferred to as "NOOB RANDOM, LAWL KICK AND BAN TEH HACKER" who just join a server because there are others playing in it. In my opinion it is often the fir
  2. There are plenty of other servers, they just aren't popular, theres no telling whether an official server would generate any more interest than the current ones. Of course, thats in my insane opinion.
  3. I'm just wondering, but why do you want this?
  4. How about this one... MTADM will DEFINATELY be released before Windows is bug free. (LOL)
  5. Why do you think there would be lag and glitches? People positioning blocks on top of cars. Cars lagging into the blocks newly positioned by the spectator (I'm talking of the lag where the car is actually behind or in front of where you see it is, so it may "slip" into the prop and get stuck). Those are the ones which I'm pretty sure would definately be a problem. As for lag, I'm thinking that rotating roads, and jumps above your head being positioned would lag big-time, I dont know about your comp, but mine only lags (graphical lag) when props are moving, with 16 people, that makes 8 spe
  6. I'm surprised someone with a lemming as a Display Picture didn't have a more positive response to this idea It would be a good idea, except the lag would be unbearable, and the glitches unavoidable. Good in concept, irredeemably flawed in practice.
  7. With you assuming that "we are not sure" means that it will be in the holidays, if a dev comes in here and says "we really dont know" you then take your assumption that it will be released in the holidays, spread the word to other people, it becomes a rumour which most believe, and then it ISNT released in the holidays, people get annoyed at devs. You get the drift? You can kinda see why the devs dont want to give a concrete-release date, or even a period of time, people misquote a guesstimate as fact.
  8. We have a blog for that. There is a large feature we haven't revealed yet, and when we reveal it, you will understand why it seems to be taking a long time. Ooh.. I actually sat straighter in my chair when I read that
  9. My computer runs San andreas at 2400x1800 resolution, with everything to HYPER-ULTRA-MAX, and its NOT EVEN PLUGGED IN! I used to have 4gb of RAM, but I put it back to 256mb of RAM because the computer needed a work out. My computer is so good that I finish maps on MTASA before the other competitors Load the map!
  10. <Insertwittynamehere>


    Record IP's, Hack into their computer and change their welcome OS splash screen to "YOU'VE BEEN CHOSEN! MTASA.COM!". Simple.
  11. I didnt get a screeny of it.. But two funny moments come to mind... Firstly, Cops and robbers server, somehow or another... 4.. thats right 4 whole cop cars somehow piled up on top of one robber in a perfect stack (some of them a bit rotated and one of them flipped over, Also they WERE against a wall and a light post). I was driving over a jump at the time and I crashed the whole lot of them. That was more of a "I cant believe that just happened" moment then a funny one. The other moment for me was on the same server, I was a cop, robber was simply driving around me at high speed because it
  12. All you had to do was post the first line of your signature. Thread over, you win
  13. You also said the SA-MP team dont "care" about their own mod. Which truly doesnt make sense from the start. *shrug* If they didnt care about their own mod, why did they make it?
  14. Bananaphone was a crap song, and its annoying. Ooh, the Flame is on now.
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