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  1. I agree, I don't see any reason for hesitation to release a beta. It can only help fix bugs.
  2. i dont think GTA 4 should harm mta:dm's glory as gta4 wont be coming to pc until about a year from now. So people without a X360 or PS3 like me will play mta:dm for a while until gta4 comes out on computer.
  3. ok, my original guess a long time ago was january 28th so Im going to say May 10th 2007 this time around.
  4. Yea, I havent seen updates in a while, It seems there would be more updates as release gets closer. But maybe not
  5. is it really THAT buggy by now? they were saying that over half a year ago
  6. everybody has been for a while, dont even ask when it will be released nobody knows
  7. gooch


    im diggin that corsair ram johnline
  8. im reading the requirements on the box for RECOMMENDED it says: intel pentium 4 or AMD Athlon XP processor 384mB+ RAM 128MB video card yadda yadda You look good to play it on id say medium, medium low
  9. sharks, thats awsome Yea thats alot better than having people swimming around to cities
  10. It would be awsome if in an RPG server, you could buy houses and store you cars their and everything, maybe when you play MTA again you start of in your house. And it could be scripted that you can sell your house and someone else can buy it.
  11. yes thats what i was thinking
  12. gooch

    QA Members

    were they members?
  13. the New front page looks awsome, and i like they new layout the blue was kinda old
  14. I play Battlefield 2, sometimes Counterstrike Source and MTA race
  15. Its called the rooms and its pretty addictive you gets like 8 weapons and bunches of upgrades for them as you go on in the game, theres 5 levels tooo http://www.allgamesallfree.net/index.ph ... ay&gid=348
  16. gooch

    0.999... = 1

    the only flaw is that infinity never ends, and 1 does so they arnt the same
  17. gooch

    Line Rider.

    yea that game is fun, some people have insane levels, you can see them on Youtube
  18. lol and congratz my guess is still January 28th
  19. sounds good, ill probably get a new machine with Vista in less then half a year, and I might want to still play Deathmatch
  20. maybe its like garry's mod where the connection can be broken if enough force is applied to it
  21. gooch


    sounds great maybe ill give Lua a try
  22. i love CTF that will work good for DM I cant wait for Conquest and especially Turf Wars
  23. gooch

    MTA Christmas movie!

    thats so sweet thx for the video guys
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