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  1. -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 1245984 Apr 20 2007 /lib/libc-2.5.so lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 11 Jul 19 22:08 /lib/libc.so.6 -> libc-2.5.so Lol, tried one of them - said that needs libcurl3, but now i have 4 Others need glibc 2.7 This sucks! Will ask somebody for help, think i will update my glibc! Thanks anyway!
  2. Ok, atleast that error is no more. Now i have this: /var/mtaserver/mods/deathmatch/deathmatch.so: undefined symbol: _ZSt16__ostream_ insertIcSt11char_traitsIcEERSt13basic_ostreamIT_T0_ES6_PKS3_i ERROR: Loading mod (/var/mtaserver/mods/deathmatch/deathmatch.so) failed! Press Q to shut down the server!
  3. Hi, Im trying to run a MTA:DM on my Gentoo Linux 2007.0! When i start the server(./mta_server) it shows me this: libcurl.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory ERROR: Loading network library (net.so) failed! Press Q to shut down the server! I guess i need to make a bash script with a simple export command, but i can't seem to find this file either And how can i ban a player?
  4. thx my router has port forwarding...
  5. im running a mta:race server on linux. i had a slight problem whit my router and i lost few port that needed to be open. Now i have opened 22003,44003 and others... but my server isnt showing up in the server list and wont show the server from a server monitor. Wich port need to be opened to see the server?
  6. omg! dosnt mta has their own query? ok never mind and thx if someone needs a monitor use http://gta.gamerx.lv/mta Don't like it? DONT USE IT! and thx again
  7. cant anyone read? i need a PHP query wich i could upload to my web server! anyone has one? btw im alredy using game-monitor and i dont like it!
  8. if thats a PHP script i could download and upload to my web server then im Gorge Bush!
  9. well yes... theres a mta scripts named query thats why i added to Query PHP so you could understand that i need a PHP script wich will monitor a server.
  10. I searched the forums for a simple PHP query, but all i found was 404 error. anyone has one?
  11. where did you get the map files? and why when someone breakes the record its says that, a new record in 'Unknown'?
  12. lol i dont think so! Found the problem. The settings didnt save in mta.ini proplerly
  13. still nothing forgot to tell that im behind a router but i have a port forwarding so... do i need to open any other ports? and the ip, 159.*** shouldnt be to 192.***(the ip behind router)?
  14. hah works. Atleast it loads the script but then it wont connect to my server maybe theres something wrong here? and in my mtasercer.conf i have only changed the server name and rcon pass!
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