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  1. That would require more bandwidth, plus not all people like that kind of music, I always filter out music and sounds when I play CS.
  2. That happens in GTA too... (sniper rifle thing)
  3. About the long nick problem, I wonder if it could be coded so you'd only have to type a part of the name? Like for example instead of typing "admin_kick ^^%% SUPERHYPERMEGAPROPLAYERS - noob %%^^" you could just type "admin_kick superhyper". Kinda like in amx or admin mod in CS.
  4. Or it could work like if you'd put just a part of the name in it, like in amx mod in CS. Like for example if someone's named "Lollipopkingbiatch" you could just put in ban lollipop
  5. If online gaming disappeared, gamers worldwide would break out into a blind rage and riot like there's no tomorrow. In the end, we'd be back in the stone age. Here's a visual aid for those that have difficulty understanding the English language. That's right! I completely forgot that there are a lot more people against that than for that.
  6. I hate when politicians lie to ordinary ignorant people and get votes because of that. There should be laws against lying. For politicians only of course. And maybe ex-politicians with influence.
  7. If this is implemented, there will be no more freedom of information and USA shouldn't be called a free country anymore.
  8. You meant that you'll buy a copy of Fraps to anyone who helps you?
  9. This all sounds so great, I kinda hope it won't get released in a while since I'll probably instantly get addicted to it and spend all my free time playing it And I have like tests and crap coming up.
  10. XP Kicks ASS, with upcoming SP3 it will kick even more!
  11. 5years? nah make it 10 Or they may not do it at all, just because they can. Just like with MTA:SA, they can not release it at all just because they are frustrated with people complaining. If you're tired of waiting, just forget that it ever existed and don't come here anymore. It will be better for everyone.
  12. Yeah dude what are you talking about? Unless you're from the future where GTA is delayed, I think you made a mistake.
  13. I don't mind waiting, I don't remember when I started following this mod.
  14. It could be implemented with some kind of "invisible" magnetic cranes, like in port where you buy/sell cars and in that other place. Like the crane is in the middle and is spinning really fast with objects attached on invisible strings, and some kind of tornado model spinning around. It would be hard to sync accurately though, or it would take a lot of bandwidth. Nice idea btw!
  15. No it isn't. JT is a butthole and deserves to be shot ingame and possibly somewhere else.
  16. Clerlic

    ima noob help me plz

    Help yourself plz thx.
  17. Maybe multi-server ban should only work with automatic bans, not with admin bans.
  18. Yes, I believe you will be able to code your own gamemodes and much more through LUA or something.
  19. Too bad you can't change your brain... This one is clearly broken.
  20. Clerlic

    How about...

    But what about my idea of a public to-do list? If a really nasty bug occurs you could just put something like "bug in that and that (major)".
  21. Clerlic

    How about...

    Maybe a public To-Do list could help, just a little link on the main page where devs write what features they have to add/bugs they have to fix, and then cross them out as they're done or add new ones as they appear. I'm sure most wouldn't understand a thing of what's happening, but it could give people the feeling that work is being done.
  22. I just had a dream where i found some candy in the kitchen, but when i woke up it wasn't there
  23. I got used to this one already, but i must ask, why does the Find new posts - function keep telling me to "try in few hours", i've tried it several times in the past week but still no luck :\
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