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  1. new post in over 4 years sup peepz. I'll check the new release out. MOB is still about and kicking, www.mobcommunity.com and we are bigger than ever.
  2. Sweet this would be great with the release of MTA sa this idea would be a great start for competing clans.
  3. Z.money

    [W] - The Warriors

    Welcome to the MTA forums peeps sup? Hope to see this gang on the MTA streets so The Mob got some competition in this mod
  4. Finally MTA is out. Been waiting a while. I made a post on [MOB]'s Homepage http://www.themobclan.org I'm sure that should give some support and get the word out. Great start to the year and I'm hoping it will get better
  5. YOU! hello [MOB] is still around and MTA is never coming out it seems http://www.themobclan.org for ore information.
  6. Yo peeps loads of updates. URLs Free: http://www.mobsters.co.nr Paid: http://www.themobclan.org Members left members came. Members List that's updated 500+ registered members More than half a million hits on the website Clans now more popular, skillful, organized and established. lol ye the banner is always changed when I get members together for training I just take a pic and make it the banner Sorry about the double posting before MTA is taking 4ever but the updates look cool so we are here still waiting.
  7. Many improvements have been made. Lots have been done and we are waiting on DM to release. Visit http://www.themobclan.org for all recent updates that have been made.
  8. Z.money


    Ye I'm back to say using images as promotion worked perfectly, then to finish it off you hit an eye poping movie to give the mta fans a heart attack Who ever thought that up was very smart. Must praise the way MTA pleases the public.
  9. I orginally came from mta:vc I'm waiting on mta sa dm which has proven so far to be awsome. If any members of The Mob decides they want to play a lil mta then I'll support it 100% Thanks man, I double posted once sorry about that. Glad to have a lil support from old clan mates XE
  10. Mike left the game recently I think he was trying say that when the mod comes out we will try to extablish ourselves in it and maybe get our topic stickied ^^
  11. Z.money


    Ye some people dont look at the amount of work that goes into a huge project like this. You guys have real lives and I know balancing this with them can be very hectic. Keep up the good work and I must say that mta dm is going at a good pace. Is that Spitfire from MM clan that I knew of a long time ago?
  12. New recruiting method The Mob is always recruiting Who we are looking for: * Respectful in game - Doesn’t go around abusing everyone or causing unnecessary flame. Respects admins * Team players - Knows the meaning of teamwork and is willing to offer support to each member. * Mature in game – Doesn’t act like a little child when killed or when being spoken to. Good drivers/ flyers/shooters – You don’t need to be an expert but you need to be willing to be trained. * Against hacking – Hacking spoils game play and makes things unfair for everyone else. If you have u
  13. Z.money


    O ok. And again I say nice mod Having images released is a good strategy people comment on the images as we'll as the blog and get all exited when they see a new image. Whoever thought of that was smart, keeps people on the edge of there seat waiting on the release.
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