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  1. I remember they did something like this with XP, that warning everytime you installed a driver that wasn't "digitally certified for xp". just a load of corporate bull. anyyway.. I did some searching and found this articlle thing called "Why vista won't suck".. kinda interesting, I didn't know a lot of that stuff.. check it out: http://www.extremetech.com/slideshow/0, ... 305,00.asp Nothing much really.. just some pictures of some basic features...I'm still kinda sceptical.. EDIT:: here's more: http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1 ... 914,00.asp and here's why it will suck: http://www
  2. I don't get all the fuss about Vista. First of all, how is Vista so much better than XP?.. Plus it uses a lot more system rescourses. I don't think I'll ever install Vista. Unless all the new programs and such wont work with XP.
  3. hi, I made this topic in the suggestions forum, but maybe this forum would be more appropriate for it..
  4. LMFAO.. from http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Valve_Time: hahaha, those valve times shure is handy to have around..
  5. is it possible to make a script that alerts cops when a law has been broken?.. for example..say Player A starts shooting in east los santos.. the players playing as cops would get a message "Shots have been fired in east los santos" alternativly, the persons nick could be added in the alert "Shots have been fired in east los santos by Player A"... then the players playing as cops will know who to hunt down.. this is not a suggestion to the MTA team, they are busy enough, but it's to the scripters who are going to use the SDK.. EDIT:: and then if u wanna make it more advanced, u can
  6. I think these should be fixed before releasing it, the most noticible bugs yes, I second that.. cuz if u release it with those big bugs, u will get critisised like hell, people would be all like "What have u been working on for so long if such bugs exists in the release version?".. know what I mean?.. so yeah, besides, nobody wanna play anything with annoying big bugs..I'd rather wait.. btw, how many devs do the team consist of right now??
  7. IMO, if the mta team ever decides to implemend this, I think that if possible, they should go a step further by making a realistic voice feat.. like the only ppl that can hear u are people standing close to u in-game.. and the further u go away, the lower they will hear u.. then ppl can have discussions and stuff, while others are spying and ease dropping.. hehe.. oh weell, don't know how possible/impossible this is though.. just a thought..
  8. hehe... but u know, if I was the guy beeing threatend with a satchel charge on my back, I would just follow the guy that is trying to blow me up, and try to get as close as possible, that way if I die, he dies.. ..
  9. or, they could give u the money and u could blow them up anyway.. muahaha
  10. yeah, that'd be awsome.. imagine having to plan how to break in to the police station and save your team mate(s)..
  11. I agree with Z3rbian.. R* would never pass up the chance to release it on pc.. too much money involved.. but ofcourse if Microsoft or Sony pays them enough to keep the game console exclusive, then that's another story.. but anyway, think about it.. maybe 100 is too much, or maybe it's just enough, I dunno.. the thing I really want to avoid is beeing shot the instance u spawn..for example, in BF2, I get shot after 2 seconds.. which really sux the fun out of the game.. but I think the players-map ratio in MTA:VC was nice..
  12. why is the frame rate significant?.. can someone explain.. hehe..
  13. I think the cargo idea is a bad idea.. hehe, because u wont actually see the trip.. u'll just be standing around inside an interior.. it's better to sit as a passenger and see the actuall trip.. and besides, what if the plane get's shot down?..if u were in the interior, you wouldn't even know a thing. but what's bitchpacking?.. never heard of that before.. hehe, somone care to explain?
  14. I wish u could just go to any wall in SA and spray whatever u want on it, in-game.. but R* are so lame, they made a spray can that only makes sound and green smoke.. would it really be that hard for them to implemend a tagging feature?..
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