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  1. that is true they have lifes, they dont need to be on the mta:dm 24/7.. just wait for christ shake!!! you never no all this all mowning will probebly make mta team just give up becuse they are working hard just for us to play online for FREE so stop f*cking wiening and JUST WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. and what makes you think this will die ?
  3. hedning please tell me what game that is
  4. why have you got gta lcs for psp and ps2 ? arnt they the same
  5. this clan has died many times eh well this one aint dieing
  6. i am making a gta race movie and i need the following people: Racers - need fraps Driffters - need fraps Stuntman - need fraps Player actors - may not need fraps contact me on nicks2939@hotmail.com if you have a camra hack please tell me thank you
  7. Vice City Mafia A GTA:VC and GTA:SA clan If you want to join go to our forums!!!! VCM IS OPEN AND NEEDS THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE: [VCM]founder/GTA:SA Leader - ST3V30 [VCM]GTA:VC Leader [VCM]SA War orginizer [VCM]VC War orginizer [VCM]SA 2nd commander [VCM]VC 2nd commander [VCM]Members Forums/join:http://vcmafiaclan.jconserv.net/index.php Website:comming soon
  8. download flying with out wings 3 here http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=4756 flying without wings is the first ever car flying map to have been made for mta soo...... ENJOY
  9. i might open the clan before mta:dm comes out beause the clan is for mta:lc mta:vc mta:sa and mta:dm ill tell you all when the web site and forums are open feel free to join my clan
  10. hey guys i making a gang called SAK for mtadm so train hard because im recruitong when its out im curruntly makeing the website and forums at the moment
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