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  1. Our host was down, shud be up again though. About the code: We were coding it in VB, but we've almost finished converting it to C++. The client as well as the server will be coded in C++, and the server's multiplatform; it can be run under win32 as well as linux. =edit= The server's already working under both Linux & win32, so that feature's implemented in the release for certain.
  2. The YaMM topic's all messed up again, take a look at this, it says Page 3 of 2, so you can only watch page 2 because there isn't any link to page 3? Please do a database repair or something =)
  3. Why isn't there an option 'none of the above'?
  4. "Some of the code" isn't good enough, you need all of the code and then implement the mod in GTA. But they're not gonna do that, that's for sure.
  5. It will not be possible to sync traffic & peds, that would take an enormous amount of data traffic. But normal gamespeed, animations, sound, clipping & stability is possible. The YaMM team found a way to reduce the lag greatly, but as fragmonkey said, you would need the GTA source to remove the lag completely. You would need impact prediction etc, and that can only be done from within the GTA executable, because else you would need to load the map & the models etc in your mod, and that would come down to rewriting GTA.
  6. OMFG, are there really people that think this is a serious topic? LMAO
  7. First release will take some time as we yet have to implement cars, health & shooting. Shooting will be the biggest problem, as we already know how to do cars & health. You will be able to ram cars of other players off the road (unlike MTA, saw that in the movie).
  8. It may be a good idea for a multiplayermod... Not the shooter-kind, but the kind where you live your own life online and all your info is stored on a central server so when you disconnect, you just go to sleep and when you connect, you've 'woke up' again and you can go on from where you started. That will be _really_ different from the mode where you just connect, kill a couple of guys and then leave again to find some other server.
  9. Well, actually it is. You'd have to fetch input from the microphone, then encode it to some kind of compressed format, and then broadcast it to all others, make sure it adjusts its quality to the available measured bandwidth, and being able to recover from lost audio packets. Then you need to implement some kind of 'team-chat' function so you can discuss tactics. No, i think roger wilco is the best option for now. It's just to hard.
  10. I believe GTA 3 admin console checks whether GTA 3 is minimized, and only activates the timers when that happens, you should disable that function. I believe the boolean is called GTA3Iconized or something like that. Good luck PS. I'm from the YaMM GTA3 mod-team and we're still looking for developers. If you're interested, come to our site and mail us, you sound like a good developer =D
  11. They're still busy making the synchronisation work, they're not busy with gamemodes yet. The only 'gamemode' 0.3b will support is being in the city with all guys on the server and do whatever you like.
  12. It's probably delayed - GTA 3 was delayed a few months too
  13. Well, first of all the whoopie isn't going to spawn at the same place all the time, and even if it did, there'll be a _HEAVY_ gangwar at the spawnpoint, it's not so that if someone knows where it will always spawn, he can just sit back, relax, and wait for it to spawn. He'll be killed instantly by the other gang. =edit= I like the idea of a real CTF mode though =)
  14. I was just looking at the sourcecode of GTA 3 Admin Console, and decided to try and make something myself. The result is a tool that lets you store locations and teleport to those stored locations. If you hold TAB down and press a number key (0-9), it will store your current location under that key. When you press that key again (without holding TAB), it will teleport you there. Teleporting to a location only works when you're on foot though, i haven't yet succeeded in making it work when you're in a car (though storing a location works while you're in a car). A 2.44MB DiVX 5 video of one of the uses of it can be found here, and the (very well commented) VB 6 source can be found here. Please fiddle around a bit with the source, and try to add extra functions to it, i'd really like to see what other MTA forummers can make of it Please comment your source though, otherwise nobody will understand what you did =P Does anyone know how to teleport while in a car? Even GTA 3 Admin Console doesn't allow you to teleport while in a car =(
  15. So GTA 3 Admin Console, etc etc will be forbidden? Isn't there any way to detect whether some other connection to the GTA process is open? That way you could just don't allow starting a multiplayergame while some other GTA mod is running. And i think the normal GTA cheats (gunsgunsguns, turtoise, gesundheit, etc) are as well a big problem for multiplaying... I wonder what happens if you type bangbangbang in a multiplayergame Maybe you should build into MTA that when for example 'bangbang' is typed, MTA types a 'z' or something in between so you can't enter the cheatcode
  16. That would be a double post Anyway, i know cars don't move linear, that's why you should send a packet everytime the car's real position is too far from the calculated position. That way you could make different connection speed settings. The faster the connection, the less deviation is allowed for the car's position, as it will send more packets when the location is given more precisely.
  17. Or just read the FAQ in 5 languages
  18. He is regerterd but someone said he isn't regerstied? I don't see the connection =P
  19. Sorry if this is answered already, but i searched, read the faq, and couldn't find anything about it. The problem is that i can't vote in any poll. I use the Dutch language pack, and it says this: Well, i've read the faq, and that says this: Well, i'm most certainly registered So why don't i have the required accessrights?
  20. If you blow up a roadblock the cars that were blown up should become very light, otherwise there's no point in blowing them up, except the other team won't be able to drive in those vehicles. They must be very easy to ram away if you've blown them up.
  21. That sounds like a great gametype Only thing to think about is, how are you going to get the prisoner out of the convoy? The prisoner can't just get out of the car, and if the car's blown up or driven into the water or something like that, the prisoner lost too. And the cops won't be coming out by pointing a gun at their car, like in the scene at the beginning of the game.
  22. I don't think a forum for a gang for a game (/mod) that's still under development is usefull
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