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  1. I just report the bugs in 1.1.2 so the team can fix it. I haven't found this bug anywhere else on this forum, so I decided to post it.
  2. The following bug is not known to many people, but it's major. MTA 1.1.2 (and i'm not sure if this bug is in 1.1.1 too) tries to connect to the server before loading the menu. This way you can only play mta:sa RACE if you have internet. So you can't map edit whenever your connection is down. I would like to see this fixed, because most of us depend on an internet provider, providers who can't guarantee connection. I hope this will be fixed in a 1.1.2b patch or 1.1.3 patch. Thanks for your attention, Max
  3. Maximusje

    Stealth - stuck

    On stealth it happened 2 times to me that I couldn't move anymore, couldn't fire my gun, couldn't sit: I was only able to typ messages, so it was not a total freeze. What did I do when it happened: Both of the times I used my ''ALT'' button to ''Sneak'' to reduce the sound level. I was also aiming at the same time. Extra info: When the map got changed I was still stuck. It only happened to me in Stealth.
  4. The following movie shows all the bugs and glitches I've found yet in the game in teamdeathmatch arena [16 bugs/glitches, 2 outside tdma]. Note that the movie is taken in dp1, but the bugs and glitches also can be found in dp2. Also note that some of the bugs/glitches aren't mistakes by the development team, but they are glitches from gta:sa. But some of the bugs are mistakes in the map [like on ''Canals'' you can escape the map and gun everybody down from behind]. Finally please note that this movie is made for entertainment purpose and thus has music on the background, is edited and has extr
  5. Maximusje


    AHAHA it was so funny playing the game while running on your back. So weird and other people saw me with a non-bugged skin.
  6. Maximusje


    Well I guess it is a bug that when I use the MTA:SA RACE shortcut [have never replaced it with DM-shortcut] it starts DM! The picture with the text ''stop playing with yourself'' is from RACE, not the new picture from DM. So I can't start RACE anymore, with the shortcuts and not even with the Multi Theft Auto.exe in the MTA San Andreas map. I've placed MTA:DM in an other map. I rather have these two versions splitted, because I want to play the old Race too!
  7. Maximusje


    Ah someone else who has had a blurred CJ Happened on a freeroam server, when used the setskin command twice on the same skin.
  8. /listclothes [0-17] (or /clotheslist, one of the two is correct) to show you a list of clothes CJ can get. /addclothes [number of the list of clothes] [clothes id] to give CJ some proper clothes ^^. /setskin [id, 8-264] Change the skin of CJ. Downside is that other skins cant wear the various clothes. /jetpack Gives you a jetpack or removes your jetpack I don't know if these commands are in all servers, but these are in one server! BTW: I have found a way to enter the RC Baron when created. I won't tell you how yet, because the confusion of people in servers is so funny .
  9. Maximusje

    Blurred CJ

    This weird thing happened to me on a server. On the server you were able to change your skin, by typing /setskin [8-264] Well, at first it worked well. It changed me into a clown when I typed /setskin 264 . Then I changed to an other skin, nothing weird happened. But when I tried to change into 264 again, I changed into this: Note that the image is taken from above, so CJ is walking on his back . It was pretty funny to walk/jump/run like this. Others still saw me as the clownskin. Unfortunatly I hadn't got fraps activated! Is this a bug of MTA:SA DM DP1, GTA:SA or perhaps a server bug?
  10. Please test and comment the map, especially Secret Garden 1 and 2 will be worth it!
  11. Lil San, are you going to try the maps? Lol.
  12. YOSHI!!!!! YOSHI!!!! YOSHI!!!!!!!!! !! ! ! ! ! !!!! !!! !!!! !!! !!!! ~!!@!! !! ! ! ! yoshi!!!!
  13. Wait, who are you then? Sorry that I don't know (I'm quite bad with names... ) - or youve changed your nickname... I quit the server btw, because I was a local host --> everyday turning the server on, sometimes nobody joined etc etc. Thinking of putting it online some times
  14. I'm okay with it if they delay dm for the edit button! EDIT button FTW Are they also going to fix things in the RACE version?
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