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  1. Personally I really hope there will be a PC version of GTA4, no matter how demanding. I won't ever by myself a console and I will never even bother to understand using joysticks as long as I posses a mouse and keyboard . So I guess MTA will be a good solution in case I won't be able to play the new GTA.
  2. Victory! my server finally shows on the list but I'm still adding maps. But it takes a lot cause I'm really picky!... Thx for the help dudes. I think the problems were caused by my cross-over cable.
  3. I'm very sure I have no firewall. Windows firewall is turned off too, but the server just isn't showing on the list. Someone said my ports might be closed. How is that and how can I turn them on then? Or at least I would like my friends to be able to quick-connect to the server even if it doesn't show on the list but we couldn't do that either.
  4. Yes, in fact here's how my conf file looks like: ServerName Oldschool Racing ServerPort 22003 MaxPlayers 10 ASE 1 AdminServer 1 AdminPort 44003 AdminPass ******* AllowAdminShutdown 0 LogFile mtaserver.log AntiCheatEnabled 1 AutoUpdateAntiCheat 1 (doesn't seem to be working, it can't update) InstantVoteMapEnabled 0 InstantVoteMapPercentage 80 InstantVoteMapTimeDelay 90 InstantVoteMapGlobalTimeDelay 60 DefaultRespawnTime 5 DefaultMapDuration 6000 MaxMapDuration 6000 MapNominationEnabled 1 MaxNominationMaps 8 IncludeLastMapInNomination 1 RCON kick 4 RCON ban 4 RCON mute
  5. I don't have a router or firewall. I have a broadband connection that goes into a computer sitting right next to mine. We share that connection through a cross-over cable network (a 2 computer network). Besides following the instrucions writen in the conf file I don't know what else to do. Would it help if I put the internet connection directly in my computer instead of sharing it?
  6. Well it could be man, I don't really know. How do I set my ports, can you explain this to me more precisely cause I really haven't dealt with anything like this so I don't know how it works. I know that my port is 22003, the server log shows my IP as, and I've checked my IP and it's So what do I have to do to show up on the server list?
  7. OK, now I can connect to my own server but no one else can... A friend of mine tried from his computer abd couldn't find the server and quick connect didn't worke either. How can I get other people to connect to my server or make it show on the list?
  8. Thx dude, it worked. Now I just hope other players can see it on the list
  9. I started a race server called Oldschool on port 22003 and I tried to connect to it from MTA on the same computer. It doesn't show up in the list and I really don't know how to quick connect to it. What am I supposed to write in each field? What do I write in "Host" and what do I write in "Port". The server has no password. I tried to write my IP in the host field and the 22003 and 22126 in the port field but it just doesn't connect. Please help me, I really want to have my own server...
  10. Gigi86


    I think you did a good job. It's speedy and fun, especially with a lot of players. Maybe not a 5 star but that was my rating 'cause you must have worked your ass off to set the pieces .
  11. I don't know if this is the right place to post this but here goes. We all know that the map rating system is not really working for the simple fact that people are too lazy to actually rate the maps they download . I have been trying to figure out how to change this and it's clear that people should be somehow motivated to rate. Also it's very important that we rate after having played or at least tested the map. Forcing people to rate before downloading would definetly be a dum ideea. Anyway, I hope you guys can come up with some constructive ideeas. We all know there are many good maps th
  12. Not cool. I'd be pissed too
  13. I totally agree. People are too lazy to vote. I download about 5 maps daily. I test them and rate them. And even if i don't like some, I do apreciate a good effort. If more people did this we would know how good our maps are.
  14. Thanks for the credit. And I did use the edit button in the end as you can see:D. I wasn't trying to get more replies, I just didn't give that much attention to it. You should really look at the galleries of the maps, I only posted one pic each cause I didn't wanna greb too much space. Or better yet, try the races! Hell, I try about 5 of them every day (most of them suck) and rate them at the center.
  15. My second race is probably a lot better. Should be more apreciated anyway, since most people love speed. And the gallery. http://www.picturehosting.org/gallery.p ... tunts-Pics I made this race so you could keep to max speed allmost all the time and to spice it up there are a few ramps here and there that'll hold your breath for a sec or two . What fun is driving if there's no risk of flipping or ramming into somethig? And I allmost forgot about the link: http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=5330 This one is called Dust Chase and it's a lot more difficult then the others. Getting t
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