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  1. Nice guide, but hopefully support we be added soon.
  2. The map maker DOES work, i've made 3 maps using the map maker using the Vista trick. You'll have to move to SAMP or dual-boot with XP.
  3. You can either put in the disc or get the no-cd crack.
  4. Oh yeah it says that error... The map editor works....oh well, I guess I have to continue dual-booting.
  5. Wow thanks!!! Works perfectly. lol all we have to do is remove client.dll...
  6. ?!?!?!?!? Could you possibly post whatever you did? PM?
  7. Well damn these things take time to do! Why make it again, when the new one will be out later??
  8. Wow that was a stupid post... Its not that they aren't lazy, i'm sure they not, its just that they didn't know it wouldn't work on Vista until Vista was released, and since MTA:Race should be out in a while why bother trying to make it work? If you want to play THAT bad just go to XP, dual-booting is easy, either get another hard drive and install XP there, partition it and install XP, or install XP on the same hard drive, but have it install to a different Windows directory, or XP/Vista will bother each other. I dont see whats wrong with Vista, its still the best OS around. Others may disa
  9. All you gotta do is format whichever hard drive you have Vista on, or at least get rid of /WINDOWS. I don't see whats wrong with Vista, just because it doesn't play MTA? Thats a dumbass excuse.
  10. drumthrasher109

    MTA on Vista

    I've been using Vista Ultimate since it came out and since before it was released (betas/builds) and it has to be the fastest thing so far. SP1 will be released within a few months, not SP2.
  11. Still (for me), since i've been using Vista Ultimate, i've loved it.
  12. Wait maps for what? Counter-Strike? http://fpsbanana.com http://csm2.net
  13. I can't wait actually...SAMP is kinda pissing me off with the new 0.2, and I can't even go back to 0.1b, and I can't get my server working.
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